Exchange 1 kgcoin token for a one cent upvote (stakers only)

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Right so let's get started today I'm offering kgcoin token stakers a chance to exchange one kgcoin token for a one cent upvote if you are interested in this you must at least stake 100 kgcoin token's to be able to use this service please follow all rules below
Buy kgcoin token's


1 must stake 100 kgcoin token's and send screenshot

2 send one kgcoin token @kgcoin

3 comment 1-10 only 10 votes so please check the number of votes before sending kgcoin token's if you are the first one please comment with the link to the post and number 1

Splinterlands card giveaway and kgcoin token's

Everyone who resteems this post before the post payout will get 0.1 kgcoin token just make sure you comment below so I can send it over


500 staked

1 kgcoin sent

Reply #1

Thanks you have just received a 1 cent upvote from @kgakakilerg

Thank you for staking you will now receive a 5% upvote on one post a day for staking 500 kgcoin token's stake up to 1500 to receive a 15% upvote daily

Thank you! Now staked 1000. Will check back in a few days. I think you have this token, but not creating enough awareness and making it unique, there's a need to built-in some fun to it. Check the COFFEEA and SHOP token, the COFFEEA has some buys at 1 steem each. Also it's supply and demand, so more supply with less demand will drive the value down.

Please send screenshot of staking so I can update my upvote

Thanks, I passed along the info some friends also purchased.

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I have now updated you will now receive a 11% upvote on one post daily

Thank you so much for sharing I appreciate your support

Wow! Thank you!

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Number 2

Staked 1500 Kgscoin

Please take screenshots of staked tokens and also send one kgcoin token to receive upvote once you have sent screenshot of staking you will be added to my automatic upvote and will receive a 15% upvote daily for as long as you stake

Thank You

1 kgcoin was sent already.

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Thank you for staking you have just been added to my automatic upvote you will be receiving a 18% upvote daily

Please share link to the post you would like upvoted

https://steemit com/@honoru/how-you-became-a-certified-ulogger-ulogger-via-vpn

is it sent a kgcoin with url on memo to you everyday?

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You just received a upvote of 1 cent by @kgakakillerg