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Right so I'm now offering something new for you all you can now delegate for daily upvotes minimum delegation 50 steempower also you must stake at least 50 kgcoin token's to use this the more people use this the stronger my vote power will be meaning you will all get more hopefully I can get my vote power to around 1 dollar then I will also be able to offer bigger upvotes in exchange for kgcoin token's so show your support let's get this going properly PicsArt_07-31-07.15.11.jpg
If you are interested and want to find out more information please comment below also if you have any questions suggestions advice please feel free to comment I will get back asap
Buy kgcoin token's buy trade stake

Feel free to follow my upvote by any percent
Feel free to donate all donations will be powered up and steempower delegation purchased big thanks to everyone who has supported this project so far hope you are all happy with everything the first person to buy 50 kgcoin token's and stake them will get 10 free kgcoin token's if you do this you must buy stake and send a screenshot first come first serve
I'm also building up my power on all other Tribes


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