Are you voting superheroes?

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Here is what to try first.

Put this link into your url bar.
Make certain you are on, never give your keys to any website except steemconnect.
If you can use Brave, get keychain, relax.

If this hasn't solved your problem, then you need to change your keys.

If that still hasn't stopped you from voting for superheroes, leave me a comment, but you might be screwed.

It had to happen, at some point.
Inevitably, somebody had to be the first ones to put their keys into the wrong black box.

If that is you, give us your testimony, so we can help others instead of just point fingers and laugh.


if you are interested in helping us stop superheroes, and other abusers like them, from getting their misbegotten rewards, please follow @steemflagrewards' downvote trail.

If you are not downvoting abuse, you are upvoting crooks, imo.

Get on board, and defend steem from those trying to crash it because we called them accurately descriptive names.

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

It is certain

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

Hopefully this makes it around so the users can make the appropriate changes. Thanks for putting this out.

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Been flagging this one almost daily

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Yes, i saw that.
I follow your trail.



If you are not downvoting abuse, you are upvoting crooks, imo.

Obviously this guy is doing something via stealing people's posting keys, it really wasn't explained well how he was doing it...if it was then I'd lay that along the lines of more of a criminal offense (yeah I know we don't have criminal offense as in the technical term of one developing a system based on alternate currency wants to point out the loopholes), that's something I'd consider downvoting if I understood exactly what they were doing....but the post he's making I wouldn't if there was no other scam involved. He at least puts some thoughts behind other than a two year old pictures off instagram of someone looking sexy saying HI and earning rewards for it. In that regard you can't ask us to call out one over the other.