JUSTIN SUN: When You Thought He Could Get No Lower

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I have been researching this story for hours now and found this article on yahoo! finance. I first saw a post regarding this matter on Twitter™. If you are an American Citizen and this does not get you riled up...

Yes, STEEM people, the owner of STINC (or steemy as he likes to call it) has stooped to an all-time low. He has swindled the American taxpayers out of their money, scamming the pandemic relief loan fund.

You may ask, What can I do about it? Well, good question, and here is an answer. Get out your phone, and start calling your representatives in Washington, D.C.! If you don't want to talk to them on the phone, send them an e-mail. I will be doing both today because I am pissed!

Here are a couple of resources to help you find out who your Congressional and Senate representatives are.



For those of you that insist on supporting this individual, I feel sorry for you. The man is an absolute crook, the worst thing that has ever happened to the cryptosphere. It is people like him that give blockchain a bad name. It is now my mission to take him down.

People of America, wake up! This is the final straw! Please ensure that everyone you know that is American knows about this latest scam by Justin Sun. It is reprehensible! Please do contact your representatives in Washington, DC. Bad things happen when good people do nothing!

I wonder if President Trump's signature is on the check?

Thank you for taking the time to read my short post. It is greatly appreciated.

Blessings and groovy vibes to you and yours today and everyday!

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Source: https://finance.yahoo.com

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Thank you very much @arcange!

You're welcome @sgt-dan! Great to have you on board! To a better future! 👍🙂

Hope he uses it to pump STEEM.

Thank ya, Amerika. Thank ya very much!


Are you Canadian?

No, Nova Scotian. Unfortunately it's still a member of the Confederation of Canuckistan.

Our flight stopped in Nova Scotia on our way to the sandbox years ago for fuel. Very pretty place.

Yeah, pump it so I get more while powering down to buy more HIVE. Scammy Chinese Canadian bastard.

Yeah have been dumping HIVE while folks like you are putting buy pressure while just powering down STEEM to be ready for its surge once folks like you are finished their STEEM power downs and HIVE sinks to dust status; which is technically one step below shit coin. 😎

That's nice. Thank you for sharing where you stand. Have a great time with your new Supreme Leader.

Neither the V.22.2 Cabal or Mr. Sun are my Supreme Leader(s). Will start dumping STEEM (which is presently powering down) once it recovers from the downward pressure of sell offs of the, plus or minus, 10,000 loyal HIVE users. They are both failures of DPoS Governance.

One new direction may be coming from OpenOrchard Project which has pledged to deal with fair distribution from the get go, with no Ninja Mining.

Thank you for sharing your position. That is nice.