Progress Report - January 2020

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Tracking and Growth

Last year Asher started providing monthly status reports via script, I took advantage of his offer, and began back in Feb to track my progress through these monthly reports. I hope to continue to do so throughout the year 2020. I think I have my tracking table down to what I want to track now, so modifications should be pretty minimal over the year.I am not sure I will be tracking SBD's when they become part of the system again. I have always converted and powered up any SBD rewards. SBD's by themselves I feel do not do me much good right now, so no significant reason for me to hold them, they are better being put to use.

I think the year has started off pretty well for me, a bit slow at times, but January did finish with the Milk Challenge, and I did enjoy participating in it. It was sponsored by @whatsup, not a contest, just a challenge to get people to try free posting sort of, and to engage in comments. One post a day for Seven days, and 10 comments a day. There were some very funny entries, and it was enjoyable. So I had a strong finish to the month.

So here is the chart of how I did:
jan.pngSlightly Larger view

Information is derived from two sources. Post, comments, vote, vote percentage, and Approx SP Earned, all come from Asher and his monthly stat offer via script. Here is the link to request yours if you are interested:
Your Monthly Steem Report 📝📊 - January 2020
In the script he lets you know a lot of different things about that months activities. Curious about which post had the most comment, or was resteemed the most, or who you voted the most or commented the most to, make a request.

Other info, Current Rep, Current SP, Steem Earned, and Steem Power Earned, are from Steemworld and were saved on 2-2-20.


I made 11 post in the month. Last year, (for the tracking period), I averaged about 13 with 19 in one month being the most that was back in May. I Finished the month out participating in @whatsup Milk Challenge, (#milkandtaters). So until that point I only had 4 post. Seems as if I want to increase my posting content, I will need to take on more challenges, but I think once winter is over I will start to naturally increase my content.


318, that is a number I am pretty happy with, but once again a lot of that came at the end of the month with the Milk Challenge. last year I averaged about 294 comments with May once again being my most active month last year. I would like to try and not fall below the 300 mark, and still hoping to get around the 350 mark per month. I do have a goal of reaching 15,000 comments by mid-Feb and 20,000 by year end, (not sure I will make it, but I am going to try).


I did pretty good last year in my monthly vote count, (at least I think I did), I managed to make on average 680 votes a month at an average vote percentage of 48.5%. This number this year will go down especially if the value of steem goes up, but that will mean I am able to cast more votes to more people and still cast a vote with some value. I do long for the days of being able to cast a vote on a comment that gave value, and I think we are on our way price wise to that point again. We just have to wait and see and be patient, and not lose heart over the price.

A slow steady rise in price would be much better over-all for the holding steady of vote value.

Aprox SP Earned:

This total is derived from Ashers script. I add all the Steem and SP and SE info together. So you will see a difference in Approx SP Earned verses the adding of Steem Earned and Steem Power Earned, those two numbers are from Steemworld and are the last 30 days block. They were snapshoted on 2-2-20. The Approx number is all the SP/Steem/and SE-token sales/steem withdrawal, provided by Asher.

My average last year for Approx SP Earned was 52.965, with November being my best month last year at 161.75SP. So a little bit off earnings wise for January, but still my account total has grown and no shrank, and that at the end of the day is the best thing. Growth, yeah a little slow, but still for me not a bad month at all.


This year I am still hoping to be just a little bit more active in comments, and hopefully posting. 100SP a month growth I know for a lot of people is not much, however compared to my first year on steem I am totally thrilled with it. This was my third month in a row with over 100SP earned.

Under Current Rep and Current SP you will note that the averages block is blank, I will be putting the growth amount there month over month. Last year I did not do a real good job tracking my Rep nor my Total SP. There are other ways of earning SP/Steem that do not get added in the other totals, so I will have a centralized location to see where I was when I was.

Last years Links

June 2019 was the first month I started my monthly reports with the spreadsheet table.

The first couple of post were combination post, just the chart and a small explanation, In June I decided to do stand alone progress report post, and in December well that was the end of the year so a few combo's in that post also. I hope to keep all the post stand-alone's for this year, and t keep my naming process the same, ie; Progress Report - Month Year. This will really help with finding the older post un-like last year where I had a hard time finding some, and now am unsure if I did a post in March for Feb. or not since I could not find one.

Once again here is the link to Asher's post if you are now interested, but did not want to scroll back up;
Your Monthly Steem Report 📝📊 - January 2020


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I do enjoy the stats being expanded on in a post and happy too see 3 100 SP months in a row, long may it continue :)

That is a trend I could get used to, it was nice, I hope to make it a four month trend for next month, but with the price of steem rising, I will just have to wait and see what shakes out.

I think we should set steem goals. 10% increased usage.

Stating the goal makes it more likely to come true.

price and activity are linked.

Very much so, no activity means no growth. if one sets realistic goals, or slightly above realistic, then goals are a good way to see where you are headed. One of the important things about goals is also trying to not muddy your waters.

We have been hearing about the SMT hard fork for a while, and about how it is going to be it's own hard fork, yet there are those that want to muddy the waters and include non-SMT items. For goals to be reached we need to keep the reason for the goal in mind. I hope the people at steemit resist those that want to muddy the waters.

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