Drive By Water Shots - A Photography Trial

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The Speedy Shot

While riding as a passenger we all on occasion like to take snapshots out the window. 25 or 55 miles per hour, camera in hand we just can not resist. Today's cameras and smartphones are pretty dang good at the auto picture work. I however am almost always on the Manual setting on my camera. When I plan on doing some out the window driven shots I preset the speed to 1250, and ISO to 400. I choose the f-stop 5.6 or so. When I get home the magic of the camera software comes in very handy. I also shoot with both JPEG and NEF/RAW turned on.

So enough of the background. First drive by water is the view of Ninilchik River as seen from Orthodox Ave as we were leaving a short visit to the Russian Orthodox Church for pictures. Lots of trees and you only get a glimpsing view of the Ninilchik River, still with fall in full swing and a few fewer leaves here is the view:
DSC_8368  Copy dbw ninilchik orthodox rd cropped resized.jpg

Up next is the view as we passed over the river on our southbound trip toward Homer. DSC_8376  Copy dbw ninilchik first bridge resized.jpg
I did not want the bridge edges showing, so some serious cropping but I think the overall crop looks pretty good.

The next piece of water we drove over was Deep Creek. Only about 2 miles at most past the Ninilchik River. Big busy fishing spot in the summer. Two shots of the view one at the beginning of the bridge and one almost past the creek.

First shot:
DSC_8377  Copy dbw deep creek resized.jpg

Second Shot:
DSC_8379  Copy dbw deep creek bridge resized.jpg
I actually was able to get three pictures of Deep Creek, and was hoping that I would be able to use my Autostitch program and do a panoramic style photo of them but it just did not work out. Still with the edits, it is almost panoramic.

Quite a bit further down the road is Anchor Point and the Anchor Point River. It has a small one lane trestle bridge. Not easy at all even as slow as you cross the bridge to get a nice shot, but I was pretty pleased with the edits, and the cropping of this one.

Anchor River:
DSC_8386  Copy dbw anchor rvr trestle bridge resized.jpg
One hard core lone surviving fisherman. There were actually two but only one made it in the picture.

That pretty much was my drive by water shots. After taking the pictures a bit of editing and software manipulation was called for. Four programs in all, and two computers. I start with the Camera software View i-nx from Nikon for off loading the pictures. This program also has all the NEF/RAW edit tools, so fixing the exposure and lighting and a ton of other stuff is pretty easy, a little bit slow on the laptop seeing the changes, but very simple to use.

Next is the Nikon Capture program. I use this one for fixing perspective issues and for straightening photos that need it. It is also used for the initial crop. After that I open the images in Corel Paintshop Pro for final edits and file naming. That is all done on the laptop, files are saved on an external SSD with USB connector. I then plug the drive into my desktop and use resizing and sometimes for additional cropping or editing. I try to keep all my pictures that get uploaded to a file size of 1.5 mb or less, it makes for easier load times on less speedy connections, and does not use as much bandwidth.

All images were taken by me on 9-23-2019. It was a Monday Drive.

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I am thinking of taking photography classes or something. I love photography but i just can't seem to get it right. I would love to get my hands on a pretty good camera too. Maybe i can blend some really cool shots with my poetry and create something awesome.

Lovely views though. Is it cold this season?

You would be able to, a lot of it is also the software that comes with the digital camera or what you can download. I like the Nikon, but it was pretty expensive. The lenses are also a bit costly, and the cheaper ones, well, sometimes they are frustrating, like my 300 mm zoom, it will not really focus at the furthest zoom point, still I just back off a bit if I remember and click.

I have done a few story from a picture stories, a couple from my pictures and a couple from other peoples pictures, they do add interest to stories, at least I think they do.

Not to cold yet, but it is getting there. Summer is over, we are in the rainy and overcast days of fall, we have had frost already a couple of times but nothing real hard yet.

Our summer this year was not very pleasant. It was very dry, very hot and very very smokey from a couple of big fires. The Swan lake one started in June and it was only this week after 5 days of rain that they have called it mostly contained. A whole lot of smokey days, and hard to breathe days this year. But still it was a nice enough summer.

Yeah the rains are here now and cold has been ungodly. I worry that the harmattan season would be very hot during the day and death cold at night.

Which brand is the best?

There are more or less three brands that I see a lot of on steemit, The Nikon's, the Cannon's, and the Sony's. The Nikon D3600 is a couple of years old, is a pretty decent camera and is generally under $500.00 USD. I am not real familiar with to many of the European Cameras, The ones I mentioned are the DSLR camera's, but there are a lot of real good small point and click digital camera's also. For a few years my wife had a compact digital camera, not much better than a smart phone camera, but a lot cheaper than a smart phone.

So camera's can be a pretty hard thing to search for and then decide if you like the photo hobby. It can be a lot of fun, but also pretty hard to get those killer pictures like the professional camera people. me I'm just a hobbyist hack at photography, but I really do enjoy it a lot, even if it is time consuming.

Yeah i know of cannon, nikon and sony. I really would love to do more than just play at photography. I would love to make it more though.

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Great shots. The beauty of fall is showing in your photos.

Yes the color change has been in full swing now for just a little bit over a week, we did have one really big wind storm on Sunday, so lost a lot of leaves then, but still some cling to life and keep the change rolling. !BEER enjoy a sip of beer on this fine Saturday.

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Thank you it does help some and I do appreciate it.

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Coltellinaio per passione e non solo...

Trentino - Italy

Thank you very much for following or viewing his post and finding mine enjoyable, I do appreciate it. !BEER, they are just sips, and I hope I have not passed to many around today.

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Such a nice area for a drive and such great shots

Yeah I don't often ride as the passenger but every now and then I get the right seat and then it is take dirty windshield shots or wind blown sideways shots, fun experiments though.

always fun to do something different ;)