A Trippy Thursday on a Friday

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A Wrong Turn Walk

On Tuesday, I was out for a walk to get some pictures for a Wednesday Walk post. I got those pictures, but then something went wrong, or right if you prefer, things started to turn a little red, I felt like I was walking on Mars, but not Mars, some sort of a pink haze was taking over everything as I walked. I got all my pictures, but then when I got home well, to my surprise a few of them had taken on that pinkish Mars glow.

This was the first one to catch my eye when I was looking through my pictures:
DSC_8254 trippy thursday mars walk resized.jpg
The ground had turned from a normal sand color to that eerie pinkish overcast color. I am not sure what happened. At first I thought that my camera must have goofed somewhat on that particular photo, I mean I do not recall the ground looking like that when I was on my walk about. When I started to think about it though I had the feeling I was missing some time, that I had felt a little body quake when I took that picture.

Well I continued to scroll and look at my pictures, when I was struck dumbfounded by this one. I know I took the picture, but my head could not wrap around the camera click when I fist saw it.
DSC_8219 donkey head tree circled resized.jpg
I had to have taken the picture, I mean it was on my camera, and no one else ever uses it. As I thought about it I started to feel as if there was more of that missing time. Why would an apparent donkey head be fused with the tree?
donkey face.png
Also more of this pinkish type glow about everything in the pictures.

I continued my perusal of the pictures that I had downloaded, I came across another blank time picture. This one somewhat reminded me of an Alex Beyman, (@alexbeyman), story of the black ooze. I am not sure what chaga is but this could be the beginnings of some growing.
DSC_8239 birch tree black fungi colored resized.jpg
What is strange and trippy about this fungi is that I can see it as a thing, I know it is a living thing, but I mean more than living, I kind of saw it as Alive. It looks like a creature eyes, nose and a bumpy mouth, perched on the tree waiting for an unsuspecting passer by.
black ooze.png
The blackness of it, and then that pinkish over glow again. That was one of the last 'I have no idea how I got that shot' pictures. The Tuesday Walk for a Wednesday Walk post lead to a few shots for a Trippy Thursday @blacklux post, which is being posted late on a Friday.

I hope you enjoyed the post, I think my first foray into Trippy Thursday Posting.


Pink is evil, eeeeeeevil!! Maybe the head of the donkey cursed the sand and evil pinkish spirits filled the place and that black thing is dried spirits goo cause the donkey wants revenge!!

LoL. good comment I like. !BEER have a sip of beer. I think the goo thing ate the donkey and is saving the head for later, Waiting on it's brains to ferment or something.

Hmmm, maybe the pink sand is the substitute of himalayan salt and is used to keep the donkey head somehow decent... See? Pink is evil! hehehe zankiu for the beer 🍺

That, "Himalayan salt", is one of the salts my wife and I like. I love my pink salt.

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Hey @blacklux, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

It's the trees, they're carnivores! Good that you got out of there before you ended up going the same way as the donkey...

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