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A Beer Saturday Spotlight

In honor of #beersaturday, and the simple fact I keep forgetting to leave a sip of beer on comments and or post, I have decided to do a Spotlight post. I enjoy a lot of content on the Steem Block Chain.

With the current drop in vote value, when @detlev started up the BEER Token, I saw it as a method of being able to give a bit of an extra reward on post and in comments.

I sort of failed miserably with the fairdrop of BEER token, and I forget still to hand out sips of beer. This is my attempt to make amends.

(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday

Spotlight - @melinda010100 round 85 winners walkway shadows

I enjoy seeing what shadows people can come up with for her contest/challenge. The challenge presents many things that I personally enjoy seeing, to start the pictures can be quite intriguing, beautiful, and pretty unique. The pictures are all about the shadows. As you can see by my user name, I like shadows. They are always a fascinating topic.

The creativity and lengths that some of the people go to for that perfect shadow shot is pretty amazing, and sometime it is all in Mother Natures hands and being somewhere at the right time with a camera in hand. So Photo's, shadows, and creativity, what is not to like. She does not require a post for people to play and is pretty flexible and easy to work with for the participants.

Eight winners for the round this week.

  1. @silversaver888 - Post
  2. @whatisnew - Comment
  3. @bluemoon - Comment
  4. @tattoodjay - Post
  5. @goat-girlz - Comment
  6. @ghazale64 - Post
  7. @hangin - Post
  8. @kunschj - Post

I have given all of the above a small sip of beer. That took a bit of doing, I have now along with the sips, sent each a full beer token to enjoy, including the host @melinda010100.

I was a bit surprised and happy when I saw the price, I had to buy a few extra beers to gift everyone one, and it is up to 0.420 that is great for the gift, I remember getting them at the 0.150 price, so steem may be dropping but the beer token is managing to still hold a pretty good head.

beer gifts.png

I am not sure if I will do this again or not, maybe as a monthly thing, it was fun to look back and re-view the shadows though, and is nice to be able to give a small token of appreciation to the host and the participants.

The beer image was lifted off of @detlev's Let's rock da #BeerSaturday in week 120 with even more BEER post, to make it plain this is about #beersaturday. Visit his challenge/contest post, and get creative for a chance at steem and a BEER Token.

Hi @bashadow, thanks for this nice post and even better a wonderful activity to the community.

Here is a sip of !BEER for you.

Anybody who staked at least 6 BEER token can call the function wich gives a little sip of beer to the one steemian he is commenting on.

Thank you, I thought it was by the six pack but was not sure. Now all I need to do is remember.

Hi @bashadow, as a member of MAXUV, you just received an upvote. This info-message is to announce that the ADDAX trading game will start Round 2 on Monday 23 September. Please read the new announcement on ADDAX.
Thanks and hope to see you in the game!

You are the best @bashadow! Thank you so much for promoting the Shadow Contest and the beer boost for all this week's winners!

I keep forgetting to pass the sips of beer out, and well I thought I would have a fun post today and try to give an extra reward to the winners since I do enjoy looking at the content. Sometimes I run out of vote power, so I thought i would try to make up for it today.

let me have a look to your contest @melinda010100 and please feel invited to join the #BeerSaturday any week...

I love seeing everyone posting to your #beersaturday tag and always feel a bit left out because I do not like beer and have never drank more than a sip to try it in my life! I'll have to keep an eye out for things that might fit in!

The tag is open for anything around that topic. We had beer cake and just bars and even some parties. But mainly the different kind of beers and the story around the people who enjoy it.

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @bashadow, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!