The Over Inflated Value Of The Employee

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Hey Jessemployees

I have this habit of listening to people even when I know they are talking bullshit, to try and understand them and the way their minds work. I find it fascinating how we can lie to ourselves and buy into our own biases and never questioning it for a second. Perception is reality, and most of us don't question our realities but think its the same for everyone.

As most of us are employees of a business and have never had to grind it out to create a business, we only know a small sliver of what it takes to enter the market and sustain an income successfully.

I see so many of my peers always complaining about how shit their job is, how smart they are, how underappreciated their efforts are and how little their team members know. They should be running the show but doesn't understand why they never get their big break.

Yes, there could be a vendetta against you, it could be sexism or racism, yes that all is possible. If so, move to another company and find out. If your skills are worthwhile, another company would gladly take you, right?


Employee egos

We always see the narrative of the egotistical big bad boss, but we never take a look at the ego of the employee. Unfortunately, since we cannot read minds, only our own, for those who do pay attention to their minds, we often over-emphasise our contributions to the cause. Ask any employee the majority will say the work too hard for too little money.

The labour market is one of the most inefficient markets in the world, and you negotiate your salary and trade your time accordingly. The sad fact of the matter is most people don't have marketable skills.

If it were the case, if your skills are marketable, you wouldn't need the business, you could sell your skills in the open market like a freelancer or small business owner.

Unfortunately, most people NEED the business/job/value chain more than the business needs them but have yet to realise it. Your skills only apply in that niche, and therefore your skills aren't marketable.

The need for nepotism

I know this because I went through it myself, I drank the kool-aid believed the system is the problem and not me. I am faultless, but if I wanted to get what I thought I was worth I needed to do it in the open market. I had to start my own business, no manager was going to see my worth, rather I wasn't going to rely on nepotism to get my worth.

As the cliche goes, its not what you know its who you know and yes it rings true if you have no marketable skills. However, if you do equip yourself with skills that are validated in the market, it doesn't matter where you apply them, you will be rewarded and you can always arbitrage your skills and find the highest bidder.

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Easiest way of thinking about being an employee is that it's a means to an end. Do work, get paid, buy sats

Hello again BTW, how's it been going the last 2 weeks?

Well people don’t know they can convert their labour into a microcap asset so they put pressure on their salaries to do more!

Nothing much apart form LEO doing a 5x gain and outstripping HIVE value!

I’ve been microdosing and used some LEO and coverting into BTC the market is pretty tastey if you’re looking for gains and I’m just stacking small BTC orders on HIve engine if I can get a dollar a day in BTC I ain’t complaining

Lol, I'll capitalise on their ignorance and lack of research prowess!

Wow Leo is more than HIVE? That's pretty awesome! I just bought up another load of BTC today as part of the weekly DCA but going to post now to get to HIVE Orca and lease out what I can which will be used to add BTC holdlings so I can use that dirty fiat to get in to real estate. An opportunity has come up that might be too good to refuse near London.

Lol at these prices and you’re stake it shouldn’t be long compound away son we almsot there

I got 5 more years of slavery before this grind pays off big time and me and my legder going to be sitting yelling Mikey ey Mikey ye twat put me on becuse I’ll be that close to the dugout

You are a savage man a buyer in this market are you going fixed rate? Becuse I heard Bank of England want to go negative could be good to lock in a sweet negative fixed interest rate if possible

Getting that compound sats on sites you have in your footer like will be my next step in 2021, lease out the sats, click and collect 🍻

Haha, Ledger currently have an offer on a few ledger nanos that might be of interest to you, you can have your crypto spread out on different hardware wallets for risk spread if you wanted. Mi-keys, my crypto!

Yeah could be a good time to buy as well with the national lockdown impending over winter, need to see what the options are regarding the rates but lock in a long term fixed for 5+, maybe even 10 years and could be a bold move! Might blow up in my face but I have BTC to fall back on if needed!

I saw the 3 pack of nanos me mum wants one so I might just pick it up and be like Christmas gifts sorted now jog on and get your shit together

Our rates are still around 10% for a home loan and prices have not yet corrected which I find strange but 12 more months should sort that out because this place is a shit show homeless are EVERYWHERE I get at least 5 knocks on the door daily asking for food

Inflation is nailing us so I guess that what could be keeping nomainal interests so high yet my bank has dropped from 7.25 to 2.9% interest can’t catch a break so BTC is the only game in town

Can a bother catch a break?

I still have the habit of thinking the system is wrong however even if the system is wrong we can just tag along to save over ass because the system has the power I don't have

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Exactly I agree the system is fucked but you need to get yourself on the right side of it and become an asset holder and benefit from inflation. If all of us do it then there's no incentive to manipulate the economy because there's such marginal returns to do so, but until people understand that tey going to keep getting exploited and the system counts on that

Unfortunately what you say applies to so many people out there. Knowing that you are replaceable corrodes the self esteem of millions of employees. Becoming more valuable means to become a specialist, to invest in yourself as a person, in your skills, instead of sitting around hoping. Hoping without action is nothing.

The labour market is a tough one some people are being way overpaid for what they do and others are grossly underpaid for what they do and the value they bring!

It’s because people sit on their hands and don’t ask or push in fear of losing what they earn or taking the risk that allows the status quo to continue

Some people are simply not confident In the value they can generate and others know they don’t have marketable skills yet do nothing to try and acquire any which to me is a form of victimizing yourself

The more risk takers the better, everyone getting into one boat will always result in a sinking ship

Confidence is a key factor in the decisions people take both in personal and professional life

I will never say I'm underappreciated but I'll like to say I deserve the things which my effort has given me. Truth is, when it comes to financial opinions everyone share a perception of what they think they're really worth. Lol we owe it to them.

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Oh you should always know what you are worth and go get it no one else is going to give it to you, but people often think there's this infinite level of labour productivity and put too much pressure on the one income thinking its the only way. We never think that the companies find ways to leverage our skills we always think they are exploiting us, but if they were surely you could do it without the company and make the some or more