Immigration help required - Canada/Australia/NewZealand/Ireland/Netherlands

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Hi Everyone,

I am a software developer working from India for the past 9 years. I have been associated with the Data Warehousing technologies with clients from Banking and Retail chain business.

I have always remembered a very amazing phrase read here on SteemIt. One who doesn't move never notice their chains. Has such an impact full meaning. One should always keep on moving so that they are not tied up with chains. Some call them comfort zone also. I always believed in learning new things and keeping myself up to speed with the evolving technology trends. However I have noticed that whatever I do is not good enough.
I have been working from the same country, same company, same technology stack and same domain for long enough. Though I have kept on moving within different teams within what I have worked.


Ever since I got associated with Steem, I have seen new horizons w.r.t. technology. I am inspired from couple of people on Steem who are highly dynamic and real techies. Lately inspired by @cadawg and @gerber. I see them doing cool techie stuff and still not being able to cope up with them. That's when I noticed that its time to leave the cage and fly high. Engineering jobs in India are mostly in service based companies. Service based companies are highly client driven and thus have less scope for freedom of thought. So to get good learning exposure I have decided to search for opportunities outside India.

I could have posted this on Facebook or Quora or LinkedIn or any other so called social media. However advertisement industry has hit them very badly. I will not get genuine people responding there. So I have decided to ask for help to our beloved Steemians.


I am looking for immigration help and job opportunities in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands or Ireland. I have good exposure working on Ab Initio ETL tool, Shell Scripting, Oracle, Teradata, Talend Data Integration, Talend Big Data, Data Stage and smaller tools around these.
I have rich experience in migrating Ab Initio jobs into Talend which is recently trending in my field of work. Ab Initio is a very costly ETL tool and majority of the clients are trying to move away from it to save huge cost of ownership.

I have read about Canada Permanent Residence process however a big factor in succeeding there is a job offer. Applied for couple of positions on LinkedIn but no luck so far.

I would appreciate if anyone has any genuine leads in helping me get good opportunities outside India.
If you cannot help, please resteem at least so that it may help this post reach the right audience.
My LinkedIn profile is Nikhil Bang

I am surprised to see no 'jobs' tags here on steemit. This is such a great platform. Why not use it to search jobs too. One odd post if got the right attention can change someone's life like anything. I encourage everyone to post job openings or job hunters to use the jobs tag.


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With regards to the above countries, I don't think I'll be of much use, but if you want to try the UK (esp. Scotland) I'll be happy to help.

Very flattered by your comment about me 😊😆.

Added you on LinkedIn

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I'm open to any country as long as they have regulated cryptos and have good work exposure in IT.

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Yup. We have fair crypto regulation and IT is becoming a large demand here.

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I would be grateful. My area of expertise is Ab Initio and Talend. Both are well known ETL tools.

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Here's some stuff I managed to find on Linkedin:


Ab Initio

Ab Initio

Also, here's our average wage data (from a common recruiting site) - UK is probably a little pricier to live in, though!


Thank you so much @cadawg. I applied to all the relevant profiles. Hope to see some positive responses.
I applied for many jobs via LinkedIn but no luck. Most of them deny because they dont want to sponsor visas. Lets see


There is quite the shortage of talend developers in Scotland and the UK as a whole

I would appreciate if you can get me some opportunities @meesterboom. I have worked for 3 years on Talend and have good hands-on on it.

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@blog-beginner all the best for your searching. Really this place is real fun to search jobs if you are looking in foreign countries. The tag "jobs" is a nice idea and not only useful to get real jobs but for mini tasks which will be compensated by steem.

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Completely agree there. Will help someone with their bread and butter or money for icecream if not more.

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hi @blog-beginner

it seem that we've some common friends. I also value work done by both @cadawg and @gerber. their knowledge is mindblowing

personally I'm not sure if you will be able to receive much help here on Steemit. If you're looking for job then linkedin is still platform to use for those purposes.

Solid upvote on the way, catch :)

I am actively looking out on LinkedIn. Just don't want to catch my current employers eye. lol
I also wanted to stay away from advertisers so thought of posting here.
Also an idea for a new tribe token clicks my mind. Might add good value to Steem ?

Have you looked at Estonian e-residency companies? There are hiring agencies (under Hiring And Relocation) who can help you migrate or work while being location independent. Hiring agencies are on

Good Luck!

Great. Thanks.
I will check them out.

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