How Much Can I Earn in Scarlet Clicks

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Scarlet Clicks is another famous site where everyone can make money quickly. The service is positioning itself as Elite Site. It was launched in 2009 and during 11 years paid more than 2 million dollars. And almost 900,000 people making money on Scarlet Clicks. Let's take a look at how much can we earn in Scarlet Clicks!

How Much Can I Earn in Scarlet Clicks

How much can you earn in Scarlet Clicks

Get paid for Clicks

There are 3 main ways how to earn money in Scarlet Clicks: clicks, partner's offers, affiliate.

You can earn up to $0.01 per click on Scarlet Clicks. Every day there are around 20 available clicks.

How Much Can I Earn in Scarlet Clicks

All you need to do is just click on the Ad and then in the opened tab click the upside-down picture. That picture click is required in order to protect the site from robots.

make money on clicks

Also, there are different clicking offers by Scarlet partners. For example, Offers4All pays a minimum of $0.0001 per click.

offers4all pays minimum $0.0001 per click in scarlet clicks

Scarlet Grid is like a lottery where you click on the random cell and try your chance to win up to $1.00! You have 20 chances to win every day—the server updates every day at midnight.

win up to 1 dollar with scarlet grid

Get paid for Partner's Offers

Scarlet Clicks offers different easy tasks that are hosted by Scarlet Clicks partners. Some of these partners pay in satoshi tokens.

scarlet clicks partners how much can I earn in scarlet clicks

Besides, you can earn in Scarlet Clicks by flipping the coin. Well, it is risky, and your chance to win is 50/50.

There are users who earned $44 in FlipTheCoin.

Get paid for Referring

Inviting people is a significant way to earn money in Scarlet Clicks and any other similar sites. As more people you see, and as more active they are, so more money you can make.

referral program in scarlet clicks

In case you don't have friends to invite to Scarlet Clicks, you can rent referrals from the site.

But keep in mind, that you will receive a commission from your referrals today if you did at least 4 clicks yesterday. In other words, to get a referral commission every day you need to do a minimum of 4 clicks every day too.

How to withdraw money from Scarlet Clicks

Of course, it is vital to know how to earn in Scarlet Clicks, but it is also essential to understand how to withdraw your earnings to the wallet. Scarlet Clicks has many different cashout options: Skrill, Neteller, AirTM, Payeer and Bitcoin.

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