It's off to work we go

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Pretty much two years to the day, I'm likely to be back in the world of work - And about time too I hear you say!

It's been a good run to be fair. I never thought it would be possible to get by producing online content for two years on whatever sprang to mind would fund living but it did, even if life was kept fairly simple for the vast majority of that time.

The boom of December-January 2018 helped a lot, SBD prices were insane and a fair amount (not all) of those were exchanged for Euros. Not near enough as it turned out, but not many predicted the size and length of downturn following those crazy weeks.

In April this year, I was offered another contract at my previous place of work, the UN, but following my flight over to Valencia, the contract was canned just a week before I was due to start. This cancellation was a serious bummer as I was looking forward to continuing the sunshine lifestyle (and decent pay), and figured then that the main chance of employment would be back here in the UK.

Following my grandads funeral, I moved back to the city I've spent most of my adult life in to look for work close to my daughter. It made sense to try Nottingham first, even though opportunities involving my main IT skills were likely to be few and far between. My daughter and the friends still located here had a bigger pull over more money elsewhere.

The process for this role has taken weeks. Numerous phone calls, a face-to-face interview, and plenty of back and forth over email, but having agreed terms I'm pretty sure that I'll be behind someone else's desk again in a couple of weeks time.

The role, as expected, is different to what I've done before, but I'm fairly confident I'll get to grips with it quick enough. The interviewees made a good impression and as they as they are going to be my future co-workers and team leader, I hope my judgement is correct.

During the very first call I'd suggested a salary range based on more of a guess at what this type of role and what the business would pay over what I was earning last time, which were contractor rates. They offered the bottom end of the range and I actually spoke with a Steemian to discuss if I should go back to them and ask for an improvement. I'm a bit inexperienced in contract negotiations but thought I'd go for it and luckily it worked out - I'll now be starting in the middle of the range I put forward originally. I have no real idea though if I'm selling myself short or if I've been cheeky and am now set to start above the average....

I guess it's not that important for now, the salary is infinitely more than what I have been earning and as long as I stick to the rice and tuna for a few months, I'll hopefully be able to cover the family interest rate debts soon enough.

The commute is a five minute walk, if that, which is nice but also troubling if I am to reach the minimum 5000 steps required to earn any Actifit tokens. There is a gym across the road though, and so I'm hoping that I can push that into my routine as well - sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day can be mentally tiring, but it' does next to nothing good for the body. I hope the chairs are nice.

Alright, hopefully writing about getting a job wont put the kiss of death on it like last time, and soon enough I will be able to throw a little fiat into crypto again. STEEM? Perhaps, (tiny amounts of) BTC, I think so, and then following this investment the market can get its act together again and start moving in the right direction.

And then maybe one day, I can wake up to something like this again :)




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Greetings Asher,


Here's hoping they pay in BTC soon...... BTC payroll would be that would be running to work. ^__^


Do you know any Steem data-divers willing to work for free, as I will need a new one soon.

While perhaps not the ideal job, you get to be close to your daughter and with such a short commute, you will have plenty of time to get up to mischief after work - like fill data requests. ;D

Congrats man.

Finding one of those people could be tough, but I'll still be around at times to have a snoop.

Yeah there are numerous good points which I think outweigh the bad right now. Head down for a while and re-evaluate next year sometime, preferably when those data requests are worth some serious $

Thank you :)

preferably when those data requests are worth some serious $

When the SBIs kick in.. ;D

That's great news Asher, especially being so close to home (apart from the Actifit issue) and close to your family.

Fingers crossed it works out this time and you settle in nicely. 😍

Thanks Gillian. Yeah I'm hoping the short commute and distance to my daughter are a good combination for work/life happiness. We will see :)

Congrats on the job man sorry this market isn’t fast enough to make you do that

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Thank you :)

Yeah I waited as long as possible, and a bit more to be honest. Hopefully things will change in the future, I don't have to stress about it being tomorrow so much now.

At least it's not a long commute. It could be worse, you could be stuck in a car for 2 hours. At least you found something reasonable. I'm sure you will do just fine. I think your bigger adaptation will just come from the beach living back to city. It seems to be going well though. I hope your daughter is happy to have dad around now.

I wouldn't accept a 2 hour commute, ever. I'd either find another job or a location much closer by. 4 hours + the working hours are crazy - I know some people who live like this though!

I saw her today, it's great :) 15 minutes on the bus is nothing at all :D :D

I hated my commute. 40 miles and it would take 1 1/2 hours 😒 Even did worse for a while/ Now, it's 20 mins even across town. It is so much nicer.
That's awesome!! She makes it worth it.

That commute does not sound like fun and I'm glad you don't have make this trip any more.

100% :)

Good news! All the best for the new job!

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Thank you very much :)

I'm a bit inexperienced in contract negotiations but thought I'd go for it and luckily it worked out

Nice, hustling a better pay is always a win :D

I will be able to throw a little fiat into crypto again.

And now instead of hoping for bulls, you hope the bear market goes on so you get cheap coins :D Just started buying some Steem yesterday, never had it this cheap – I'll be disciplined though, and not be trying to time the market and catch a falling knife, because it seems we could go lower. Instead, I will do what investors recommend and diversify buying dates. I think this strategy is even more important with crypto because of crazy volatility.

I had a vote from @driedfruit earlier...... :D

Yes exactly - show me the bears for a few more months. Buying in stages certainly makes sense if you don't have a crystal ball showing the very bottom.

@driedfruit brings all the S-E token goodies by following my vote :D

Happy you finally find a job man. I’m sure the beach will wait for you to come back again, this time with financial freedom.

Thanks, just in time to I think.

A beach and financial freedom, my main driver for Steeming on :)

I hope so too that the market will improve... not like the Dec 2017 but perhaps gradually into the bull market...soon!

I think a gradual rise, whenever it begins, would be healthier - can it start in 2/3 months please? :)

Yeah... go go go crypto! Can´t wait for that. Lol!

A fine minute walk, you have n knocked it off dude!! Congratulations!!

Thank you kindly!

Trust the haiku bot to appear when a couple of typos are present :D :D

Fuck for, ha! Typical!! Lol

A fine minute walk,
You have n knocked it off dude!!

                 - meesterboom

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Awesome news brother! Being close is a plus as well!!! Where does this leave you fir SF4?!?

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Cheers dude :D

The same position for SF4 - very very slim to no chance I'm afraid. What is your attendance % sitting at currently?

Gotcha. Totally understand. If I had to put a % on it...I’m around 50%. Not only does it depend on finances but on how my pup Bindi is doing as well.

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Yeah, I guess you'll have to wait until near the time. Wishing you all well.

Yeah, I guess you'll have
To wait until near the time.
Wishing you all well.

                 - abh12345

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Good luck !

Thank you!

Hey congratulations and nice way to negotiate!

Thank you! Yep it worked out well - I dreaded the thought of them telling me to get lost, but luckily that was not the case :)

It'll be like going back to school... September and all!

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knocks on wood toi toi toi (as we say in Germany)

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I cannot see how this information relates?

Oh, now I have a job and could save up to go, i see it now :)

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Congrats! Great timing as you may be able to get some great prices towards Orca my friend! Wish you the best of success!

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Best of luck with the new role Asher. I'm sure that you'll get another run at a beach lifestyle in the future.

Congrats Ash! Dunno if it's your ideal job (do they exist at all 🤔) but at least its a steady income and you get to spend time with your daughter which must be the biggest bonus.

Congrats on the new job @abh12345! You're going to have so much fun living near your daughter, this is a fun age. Desk job, well judging by the beach photo will be a bit harder but that's what vacations are for right? Cheers to new beginnings! :)

Slow but sure @abh12345, wanted to wish you the best on your new position. Sounds like it is overall a definite positive, given there is no perfect job ...

Looking forward to reading some of the details, once your day-to-day is set and your ready to share them with us!

The commute is a five minute walk, if that, which is nice but also troubling if I am to reach the minimum 5000 steps required to earn any Actifit tokens. There is a gym across the road though, and so I'm hoping that I can push that into my routine as well - sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day can be mentally tiring, but it' does next to nothing good for the body. I hope the chairs are nice.

Two words...Treadmill Desk.

Congratulations @abh12345!
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Congratulations on your new role of Sheriff of Nottingham...May you round up that pesky Robin Hood and his band of merry men quickly. (Spoiler alert - Robin seems always to get the better of the Sheriff.) 😂

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@abh12345, Let's pray that we will woke up with pleasant surprises in near future. One thing is for sure, times will not act as the same. Stay blessed.

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nice work on the job Asher, I hope it goes well. And you never know, you might enjoy it :-)

Haha! Great job sir Asher! I knew they'd be nuts not to hire you! Well done and I hope it's interesting and satisfying work.

Sorry the Valencia Job fell through and good luck in your new job I hope it works well for you even if it will be a big change