Finished a New Brass Bracelet Today! Sure is fun making the Brass Shine!!

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Been struggling of late getting art projects done, was happy today to finally see this Bracelet finished!


Thanks for stopping in! Your support on the Steem is making my artworks better. I still need a bunch of tools to really shine in jewelry making. And it would be nice to buy some tools and materials with Steem one day!

Here is some photos from start to finish on this Brass Bracelet!

It all started off with this pipe left over from a movie project I worked on. The set decorators had this kicking around at the end of the show and I was glad to get my hands on it. The brass pipe I got was over 3 meters long and if I wanted to, I could make many bracelets.


I cut it down to size and then took the bracelet blank off the end.


Here a shot of the blank canvas, was not to sure how this would take shape!


Cleaning it down to the bare metal!


Next it was time to bevel the two front faces. And then start to file a Grove around the perimeter!


Next is a photo of some of the tools I used along the way! Triangle file and a tool to clean the inside edge.


Photo of my disk sander!


And a cordless die grinder for cleaning the inside!


Getting close to polishing it to a mirrored finish now!


A bam! A little polishing and it's done!


I actually made this piece over a three-week period! Few minutes here and there and done this morning.


Wish I could make metal art full time! Steem support is helping to make this a reality!

More next time and stop by for a follow for more metal art!

January 26/2020


WOw I love that bracelet it is so cool, and great to see the process in making it

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Thank you for stopping in! Always enjoy your post from around New York!

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Love how striking simple elegant things look :) I wish all of us with the inclination could just make art full time!

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Yes, art full time would be amazing!

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It's beautiful. Thanks for showing the process. I had no idea what goes into making something like this.

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Thanks for your kindness and stopping in on my post!

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It is really nice new brass Bracelet and artwork too.