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Usually thinking deep about #reggae, you have at your disposal
the remnants of #ska and #rocksteady. Logging further down the
line you can add a drop of rhythm and blue to juxtapose your inner
self with what we have in #reggae. I have to say #jazz has it place and
the melodies we feverly love combined all this to a sauce that we fanatically
enjoy everyday.

I know it is the weekend and so many shows will play down the line. This year
the Super bowl party will be in MIA. Not too far from where I live (one hour).
When we say MIA, we say #reggae. I heard the news Koffee will be around for Super
Bowl party. Cool this time of the year.


When we say #reggaesteem, you say #jahm!
I intend to go down where the noise factor is suitable for a soiree.
Reading an article I fell to Dr Monty Alexander. He is a #jazz pianist.
His resume is out of this world. He has been playing and moved people
since the sixties. He is enjoying playing jazz with a drop of #reggae.
Understandably he is Jamaican, you will hear #reggae from his melody.

I found this #jahm and I know you will like it.
Dr Monty does play #jazz but the accolade for insinuating the #reggae part,
it is a delight. When you have been playing for so long and produce so many
tracks, you are a pro and the world is looking for you.
Please do not fall asleep listening to this #jahm.

Enjoy it with a sip.

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Great timing— there’s a jazz and blues jahm session at Seastar Inn tonight. I’ll try to share some pics

I favor the live blues reggae more than anything in Negril

Sounds like subdued calypso music.
Without the flair. Magic fingers here.

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This can be considered as Salon Reggae. Since society likes to differentiate social status, this reggae would have to go more for those who wear ties and long sleeves. a Jazz transformed into light Reggae. very tonal.

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Yah man some red wine would’ve good with this. Hope you go to the Super Bowl.

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