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Greetings Idrins and Sistrens! Today I want to share with you some music. One of my Japanese friends usually had an event called “Caribbean Festival”, the first time I went to this event I was the cook. The next time I went I was among the performers. It was a relaxed setting and the vibe always Irie.
The sight and sounds of steel pans and various Japanese reggae artistes and bands was always something to marvel at and enjoy. I’m using the past tense because this friend has since moved back to Jamaica for two years on an exchange programme. I hope to interview her someday and allow her to share her reasons for her love of Jamaica with the community.
To the music : a few of our band members couldn’t make it but we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share in the cultural exchange so we did what we could. Here you go :

Vocalist: Kanami Hamasaki - If you enjoyed her singing , give her a follow her Here
Guitar: Shogo Endo
Keyboard : Higgs

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Hey, friend @missaj,
I really liked this acoustic sound. It's great the combination of your friend's subtle voice and your deep voice. It was a good combination.
She with her flipped cap and her dress make a strange but nice combination, her arm movements look very subtle to the rhythm of the music he he
An audience that seems well attuned to what's going on on stage...
And the musicians in a very good harmony with the singers. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for the feedback brotha, I’ll see if we can put in some work together again.

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Loving the vibes Missa J. So the chic singing she went to Jamaica or she still deh bout?

A band with a Japanese girl and Jamaican man on vocals is something you don’t see everyday. Very marketable. Go tru Guava Dub.

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Had to figure out that you meant singing lol 😂 she is here but not with the band. We are in touch and anything can happen in the future.

LOL yeah typo. No dining 😂. She should still be with the band. You are her should do an official tune.

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Talk to her about it already - just need to get in the studio.

Beautiful :)

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