JAHMIN Song Reviews/Music Post [ Nov 11-17]

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Welcome to the JAHMIN Song Reviews/Music posts of the week. Reviews are a big part of ReggaeSteem and is also a good way to get started on the platform. let the JAHM Song Reviews of the week be your guide.

This post was put together along with the help of @super-irie.

JAHMIN Song Reviews of the week, Nov 11-17.

Italian Alborosie with Jamaican Heart Reggae exponent by @mariluna

@mariluna gives us some history on Alborosie, an French Regge singer. Though not a review of a song, she showcases some of his works and gives her impression of the artiste. Mariluna also did a great review/write up on Kabaka Pyramind


You Might Want to Check Out Money Heist By Popcaan After Reading This by @olasamuel

@olasamuel gave a cool review of Popcaan's Money Heist. From info of the artiste to insight into the song and lyrics, this was a JAHMIN review.


Citimillz Video Daily #68: Burna Boy- Omo Review by @citimillz

Screen Shot 20191116 at 7.08.28 PM.png
@citimillz gives simple and precise details about the artiste, song and album it is from. Very easy post to digest while you listen. Citi posts reviews everyday in his video Daily series, so hop on over to his page for some JAHMIN music.


Love in Bali Beach [Indonesian Reggae] by @zainalbakri

Screen Shot 20191116 at 7.14.36 PM.png
@zainalbakri introduces us to a beautiful Reggae song that story takes place in Bali. He tells us what the song is about so even if you don't understand the language, you can understand the vibes. @zainalbakri also had another cool review we liked titled, Wedang Jahe Indonesian Reggae


Social review from the song Get up, Stand UP by Bob Marley by @josevas217

@josevas217 gives us the history of the creation of the Bob Marley song, "Get up, Stand up", and relates it to society today and the struggles around the world including his home country Venezuela. The change begins with us when we Get up and Stand Up.


Ishawna - One N Lose (Official Audio+Lyrics+Review) by @bahagia-arbi

Hitting the reggaesteem parade this week, @bahagia-arbi produced some top quality song reviews. The most eye catching video song review being his quality review on One N Lose by Ishawna. Here is another review by Arbi, Konshens Girls dem sugar


Luciano the second generation of Jamaican Reggae by @hattaarshavin

Though this post is just about 7 days old and fell in between, we liked it and decided to add it as it gives personal thought and how he came across the tune and it also had well sourced pictures.


Why Can't We Be Friends? Three Versions and Some Trivia!

@trincowski gives insight into a song so popular it was covered twice and all three versions became hits. The stories about the artiste and videos provided really give a good history of the tune.

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