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Hello. It's me. I was wondering if after all these years on Steemit, you are actually doing THIS little thing to help your favorite STEEM Dapp? In particular the Steem interfaces like and Or what about your favorite tribe? Like or

For us, blockchain enthusiasts, it was a no-brainer to immediately download and use the fast and furious browser Brave. Not only because it blocks ads and cookies and claims to be 3-6X faster than any other ordinary browser like Googlys Chrome, but because now we can earn free BAT-Tokens to look at the unwanted ads. Fuck yeah.

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So let's assume you downloaded the Brave Browser. Amazing, now you are hot and trendy. A minute for yourself.

one minute later

After a minute of worshipping yourself, it's time to talk business. Talk about da monies. Because by blocking ads on websites you use freely on a daily basis for your own entertainment. You are now taking away advertisement income from the webmaster or blogger. Of course, you can get tipped by activating Brave Rewards on your website. But this is nothing compared to advertisement income.

Websites and bloggers still very heavily depend on ad income to cover the costs of running the site and to make cash on the side. So here is my suggestion.

If you are using the Brave browser, consider disabling Brave Shields for your favorite websites and in particular your STEEM Dapps. I don't reaaaaaly care about other websites to be honest. But this one is an easy thing to do and doesn't cost you a dime.

  • You don't HAVE to click on the ads. If you are not interested don't click it right? Websites also can get paid if they choose ads that pay out in CPM. This means the website owner gets X amount per 1000 impressions of an ad. So just by simply enjoying your favorite content, you are now supporting your favorite Dapp.

How to disable ads using the Brave browser?

It is as simple as eating a chocolate crisp cookie.

  1. Go to your favorite Dapp
  2. Click on the LION in the top right of the browser
  3. Then click the button Shields Down or at the section 'Individual Controls' you can uncheck 'Block Ads'. Et Voila

If you are still using another browser and you have an AdBlock extension, you can basically do the same.

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I keep ads on for, and, I use ad blocker plus for most other websites. Brave gives me serious issues and I'm about to uninstall it

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I use it every day and rarely an issue. Did you update it to the last version? You can also download the beta or the dev versions. I have them all on the desktop and that works fine. On Chromebook I also have issues because the app doesn't really support that yet. On my phone, it is also running without issues. Try to do the update first.

...because now we can earn free BAT-Tokens to look at the unwanted ads. Fuck yeah.

Get emmmmmmmmm !

Lol, couldn't agree with you more on this. After trying brave for a few minutes I came to the same conclusion, it worsens the decline in online content rev by joining in the ad block fest only to offer you BAT in return to watch said ads. Madness. Reminds me of NetZero and other (use the dial-up internet free while watching ads style browsers) back in the late 90's. I'll stick with Chrome, thanks.

For those that insist on using Brave, unblocking ads on the sites you support/use most should not be an issue. Well, hopefully.


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