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RE: Rasta Unity Featuring Lutan Fyah - Youth Rize Up - Song Review with Lyrics.

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Yo John
Going to say hello to via this side bar post you had earlier.
Thanks for upvotes on last two posts on my end.
Each time I post I have though that you are immersing yourself in these tales, such that perhaps some day you will take it upon to visit Negril, Jamaica.

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Hey @super-irie,

Yeah I am reading everything. Your posts are awesome and teaching me so much about Jamaican life. I've got to get better at commenting and getting more involved.

I'd love to visit, and bring my kids, but it would take 4 flights and 40 hours each way to get there... plus around $10,000 AUD to bring the family. Maybe in a couple years when STEEM is $10 each I will.

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