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Greetings Irie people, what a whirlwind of events taking place on and off the chain. We do hope all is well with you and yours and that you are taking the necessary precautions to be safe in these times.

Reggaesteem is now rebranding to ReggaeJahm and we are focusing more on you the community. We have adapted to the current environment where tourism is taking a beating globally and shows no sign of bouncing back anytime soon. So we decided to focus on what would bring most if not all in the community and beyond true value, now.

Rewards from HIVE votes

Crypto tourism, on-boarding Jamaicans, artistes/dub-plates/specials/promotions, broadcasting and Jamaican products were our use cases/use cases to be. We plan to return to these in the future. The recent fork left many tribes in a bad position and we have decided not to issue a HIVE-engine Token for JAHM at this point (the token is reserved but not issued).

At this point, we plan to wait for HIVE Media Tokens (HMTs) to arrive and see what makes sense at that point in time. We may use HIVE Engine in the future.

Meanwhile, we are building the HIVE power of the new @reggaeJAHM account. So far @shanibeer, @jk6276 and @dmilliz have delegated HP to the account and we also plan to lease some HP in the near future. This will allow us to reward the community with a valuable token for adding value to ReggaeJAHM with content they have created.

If you are currently delegating to @ReggaeSteem on HIVE, please un-delegate and consider re-delegating to @reggaeJAHM and lets get JAHMIN with some IRIE Vibes. For those who delegate to us, we will be curating your content wether it be within the ReggaeJAHM community or not.

What about and

For now, will automatically post to the ReggaeJAHM hive community ( after 4 weeks we will decide wether to continue this autopost feature). However, our curation will be focused on those posting to the Hive community. Reggaetube will continue running for now as well but will not automatically post to the HIVE community. Our main focus will be on the ReggaeJAHM Hive Community. and have a lot of auto-curation in play via the community, but please note the ReggaeJahm HIVE community will be our focus.

ReggaeJAHM HIVE Community

We created a new HIVE community separate from the ReggaeSteem community as we wanted a fresh start. Subscribe to the ReggaeJAHM HIVE community here:

Our intentions

  • Build a buzzing Reggae community to add to the diversity of HIVE.
  • Build HIVE Power in order to support the community.
  • Create a space where reggae lovers can get support and mentorship.
  • On-board and support reggae/ Caribbean related creatives.
  • Have an IRIE time on HIVE.

How to support ReggaeJahm

  • Delegate HP to @reggaeJAHM.
    We would be grateful to those who delegate HP to @ReggaeJAHM. It would help build a thriving Reggae/Caribbean content community and further diversify HIVE. Though we have no dividend type rewards for your delegation; what we would like to offer you is a chance to be a part of the journey of building an IRIE Reggae community. We will also be curating your content with the HP in the account; content in and outside the ReggaeJahm community.

  • Set ReggaeJAHM as a beneficiary. If you don't have that much HP to go around, no problem. You can also set @ReggaeJAHM as a beneficiary on your posts to help build our HP. 5-10% would be awesome and it is completely up to you if you'd like to support the community that way.

  • Create great content in the ReggaeJAHM community. By creating meaningful content related to Reggae or the Caribbean is a great way to bring value to the ReggaeJAHM community.

Create a logo for @ReggaeJAHM

Calling all graphic designers, get ready. We will have a contest for the ReggaeJAHM logo in the near future. All entrants will be upvoted. only one will win liquid honey HIVE.


Thank you for being with us through these hard times. Though it may seem like we all took a loss with ReggaeSteem and the JAHM token, we learnt a lot and became more connected. What is taking place in the world and on chain is beyond our control. However, We have faith and believe we can get through this together, stronger, more united all while enjoying every bit of the journey. Life is a marathon not a mad dash, let's keep it IRIE.


Keep on jahmin lol with all going on with steem looks like its a better move

Yup, take it to the HIVE and rebuild from there. It is a sticky situation.

Great to see you here @chekohler :)

Great awareness for the name.
#reggajahm walks inline with #jahm as well.

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Yes indeed. Thank you for being around despite all the uncertainty. One love bro.

Great to see you here @pouchon-tribes :)

congratulations you guys! this is one of my favorite projects and will continue to support!👏👏👏

Thank you very much. Please feel free to hop into the new HIVE community anytime and share some tunes or just show some love.

Good to hear :)

Looking forward to helping rebuild and grow this community on HIVE.

I've shared more detailed thoughts in this post



Thank you. We really appreciate you. Great post, informative and transparent. Looking forward to building with you too.


I hope you can move the JAHM over, its a mess as it stands for all the tokens. Things are happening though, so keep us in touch.

Thanks for your comment. We shall take our time and more forward cautiously as it is a tricky situation. But the greatest thing is we are moving forward.

Good to see you here :)

Greetings friend, I'd like to know what will happen to the Jahm's we already have,

I have left 100 HP as a delegation, I wish the best to this sister community.

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JAHM will continue to live on the steem blockchain. If and when we decide to move it over to HIVE as an HMT or HIVE engine token then there would be an airdrop. There are a lot of complications with the entire situation.

Ps: Thanks for the delegation bro. Much appreciated.

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Good to see you here @jadnven :)

Hey, @reggaejahm, @dmilliz and @miyard, sorry I'm a little late with my greetings, but welcome, great to see you here. So pleased you made the transition, look forward to how things develop 😍

Never too late for a basement lol. Thanks. Still some transitioning to do but little by little.

Okay, bless up @reggaejahm! I've resorted my delegations. I'm trying to keep up with this ever-dynamic environment that the blockchain has become.

Give thanks for the delegation. Things change really fast around here for real. So many dimensions to the block.

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KEEP JAHMIN! great update.

Thank you.

Hi Jahmians, like everyone else I guess I hadn't been in the mood to go into thinking of the tribes situation after the whole steem-tron-hive debacle but now i think i have cooled off a bit.

So, since apparently there will be an airdrop based on the tokens we already hold(both liquid and staked I would assume), would the tokens I buy now also be eligible or just the tokens pre hard fork? 0.02$ for 2500 tokens seems like a good deal and if they will count I'd buy quite a bit. lol