Stake-N-Stay to 100K - I Reached 100,000 JAHM POWER Yesterday

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BOOM - 100K JAHM (and counting) in The Books

Well, it's official folks. I have staked my way to 100,000 JAHM and have officially earned myself a JAHM Stake-N-Stay at a list of select locations in Negril, Jamaica. The list of options are available for view at ReggaeSteem's official website. ReggaeSteem is the first to offer unique vacation packages with select discounts at available locations, making vacationing to Jamaica even more affordable for those looking to travel to the Caribbean region. It's a great way to start earning now and planning for a future vacation.

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The unique thing about ReggaeSteem and the JAHM token, too, is that this is far from everything in which this unique blockchain-based project has to offer. The JSNS is just one of the many diverse options this project makes a reality. Many have already taken the plunge and began their journey toward staking 100k, and with Proof of Stake LIVE since January 3, it has only become easier to reach this coveted stake.

For me, however, ReggaeSteem and JAHM is much bigger. Although I have earned myself, if I wish to redeem, a FREE 3-night stay in Negril, Jamaica, I will probably build on the relationships I have established with ReggaeSteem. I have already been to Jamaica six times. I could use the JSNS if I wished, but this just means redemption the team has to offer. I am already planning a trip to Jamaica as it is, and I see no need of "using" a JSNS. I am stacking for much bigger reasons than to just redeem a stay in Jamaica once per year or every few years.

Jamacia 2010 061.jpg
The Seven-Mile: Home of the World's Greatest Sunset

I have a vision beyond staking and staying. My vision is that ReggaeSteem, as a starting place, spans throughout Jamaica with National Radio Ads now live from the 10-31st of January, 2020, branching into the Caribbean region where artists turn to utilize this opportunity as a means to jump start their career in music.

Simply put,

ReggaeSteem is the first social media powered Blockchain platform worldwide dedicated to Reggae and Caribbean culture rewarded.

Notice that what I just mentioned isn't even necessarily geared toward the tourism aspect of this project, which I discussed in terms of the JAHM-Stake-N-Stay in the beginning of this post. The diversity and number of angles that ReggaeSteem is targeting in this space opens a number of doors that previously have only been cracked or have remained closed because others have failed to take advantage of the opportunity.

Disclosure: Please note that the information presented in this article should not be derived as financial advice. If you invest in JAHM, you may lose all your money and wind up never going to Jamaica. I am not recommending that you invest in JAHM. This is not financial advice, but rather, this is ReggaeSteem.

Welcome to ReggaeSteem

@reggaesteem's ultimate reward system. The JAHM Stake and Stay Token is explained in detail Keep Powering Up and you can JAHM your way to JAMROCK!

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This move stings and spreads, my friend you are being one of the most valuable players of this team, no doubt, Reggasteem will be in the Major Leagues of the Block Chain.

I take the liberty of complementing your final message:
This is not financial advice, do not invest in #Jahm if you just want to be a millionaire, bet on Reggaesteem if you want to support culture.

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Respect ! Appreciate this! I’m working hard and trying to improve the project as much as I possibly can. We’re working hard and it’s showing. Only a matter of time

It should say, “if you DO want to be a millionaire..”


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Glad you pave the way for us to follow.
I am working on getting there.
So far I may need close to 5k steem to get there.
Keep on #jahmin'

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Trying to that is. Big ups bredda. I see you stacking - keep it up and keep it irie


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Wow 🤩 I got to work myself to a vacation too 😎

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Yea mon work it up and we can plan a meet up 😎

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Congratulations on your prize, friend, I hope you enjoy Jamaica very soon ..

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Thank you too friend. Keep stacking and maybe I’ll see you there one day

Greetings from the USA

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Congrats mate, well done on the JSNS - the first of many I'm sure.

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Thanks mate, appreciate all your support- even outside of reggaesteem 🙏🏼
I’ve found myself a little home here and as a result have devoted most of my time to reggaesteem given my past experiences there and the future ones to come. Keep on the grind and I’ll be seeing you with a stake-n-stay here soon as well


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Congrats on the 100K JAHM. Good Stacking and staking. And nice way to show the diversity of ReggaeSteem. We cater to the two most influential sectors in the Caribbean, tourism and entertainment. But any business within the Caribbean can benefit form the platform. Thats what makes it so unique as you have thoughtfully explained:) Bless Up.

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Thanks brah imma keep it running up as much I can for now while the JAHM is semi-easy to get. After while, that won’t be the case. Right on - I like the angles we hitting, and the doors are open to anyone who wishes to embark

Big up bredda

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This is a good way to publicize the country, all the wonders it has, and also to give those of us at ReggaeSteem the opportunity to learn more about Reggae and the Caribbean islands.

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