More Cool Things To Do While in Negril, Jamaica [Part 2 w/ Personal & Team Photos]

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Come to Jamaica - Soon Come Vibes The 7-Mile

This post is part 2 of the top things to do while in Negril, Jamaica. Part 1 may be found here if you happened to miss it the first time around. Most everything I post about is either from personal experiences of my times to Negril, shilling ReggaeSteem/JAHM events or initiatives, sharing new American reggae bands, and anything that adds value to the feed. I try to stray away from posts that are not valuable and/or have no real essence of being shared with my fellow ReggaeSteemians. Please enjoy this post with some other highlight reel experiences, including but not limited to foreshadowing of experiences yet to come.

Morning Walks on the 7-Mile Beach


Jamaica 2014 214.jpg

When visiting Negril, you must be sure to wake as the sun rises to see and experience the tranquil beauty of the morning sun as the calm tide washes beautiful sea shells to shore. The morning sun creates a beautiful scene as you look in either direction, and the cool, calm breeze creates an aroma that brings back memories of my times to Negril. An unforgettable scene that is simply calling my name once more, @conradsuperb!

Rent a Car

Jamacia 2010 078.jpg

Renting a car is a great option if you're staying in Negril. The layout of this quaint coastal town is not too dispersed, but renting a car allows you to get to and fro without having to flag down a red plated route taxi every time you want to go into town, up to the cliffs, or even take an irie day trip outside of Negril. It's an option to consider if you want to take full advantage of your stay in Negril, Jamaica.

P.S. This is merely an option and taking route taxis around is not difficult, pretty inexpensive, and the common way around for tourists when visiting Negril.

Take a Day Trip

Jamacia 2010 190.jpg

The first option - renting a car - would be the perfect combination for this irie option, taking a day trip. There are plenty of day trip options to see the ambiance and beauty of the inland countryside. Some of the more notable options include the Black River Boat Safari, the Chukka Zip line Canopy experience, an Appleton Estate Rum Tour, River Safari and Y.S. Falls Tour, among several other memorable options. The options are essentially limitless and can cater to various travel styles and preferences alike. Come to Jamaica to found out yourself!

Parasailing (Other Beach Activities/Options)

Jamaica 2014 051.jpg

There are several options when staying the seven-mile beach in Negril, Jamaica from chilling and relaxing the beach to taking part in the numerous beach activities that are available all along the 7-mile white sandy beach. One such option is parasailing. There are different time options, and the longer you're in the air the more expensive it becomes. I have personally never tried the parasailing, but I did, however, opt for the jet-ski rental in 2010. Either way, there are several options to choose from and each provides its own unique thrill to your adventurous stay in Negril, Jamaica.

Soccer on the Beach

Jamaica 2014 331.jpg

If you're like me and love to be active in nature, meet new people, and share the onelove vibes of Jamaica, soccer on the beach is a fantastic option. You can also play other sports on the beach like volleyball outside of Alfred's on The Beach and Frisbee anywhere along the 7-mile strip (to name a few). My buddy and I just happened to be walking the beach one morning and we saw some locals kicking it around. We could have kept walking, but we decided to stop and say what's up. Before we knew it we had an intense game of 2v2 going with coconuts as goals. The Jamaican way, irie!

Shop the Crafts

Jamacia 2010 022.jpg
Craftsman set up on the Beach

Downtown Negril Market area with Shops and Vendors

There are craftsmen all along the beach and even into town you will find numerous vendors popped up with shops any where space allows. The downtown market has good options, but the most raw finds are along the beach. Don't get sucked into the first shop you visit. Feel it out and find some raw talented wood craftsmen that have high quality stuff. You'll know high quality when you see it...and feel it. There are diverse options when it comes to shopping for crafts, but just know that you will be there for at least a few days, so as I said before - feel it out!

Meet Up With the Team!

Screenshot (144).png

Screenshot (139).png

The heart of ReggaeSteem just so happens to be Negril, Jamaica if you didn't already know (if you didn't then you've been snoozin' for a broozin'). If you're in Negril, then chat the team and meet up for some irie times! You can chat it up in the general ReggaeSteem discord. This would be the easiest way to communicate and get in touch. @crypticat just came from Negril and he was able to meet up with the team, talk about upcoming events like JAHMfest, enjoy some beers at @miyard, and even visit some hotels to talk to them about Reggaesteem/JAHM. This is a newer option as launch was about 6 or so months ago. I haven't been to Negril in this timeframe, but I can assure you I'll be there quite soon! Stay tuned for more epic shills!

Use Your JAHM!

Screenshot (145).png

Screenshot (141).png

@crypticat was the first JAHM/ReggaeSteem/Crypto tourist to visit and actually put JAHM to real-world use. This, at least in my personal opinion, is quite an epic time for ReggaeSteem and JAHM. The fact that real proof has been put on the immutable blockchain forever about JAHM being used for real-world transactions speaks volumes about this project. If you're in Negril and run out of money like @crypticat, then you can always use your JAHM to purchase some beers @miyard or some spices/sauces at the @iriegiftshop! Other locations accepting, too!

Welcome to ReggaeSteem

@reggaesteem's ultimate reward system. The JAHM Stake and Stay Token is explained in detail Keep Powering Up and you can JAHM your way to JAMROCK!

Come Join Us On ReggaeSteem Today!


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I'm glad you enjoyed the trip fully, I hope everything went according to plan, it's good to socialize and enjoy the environment, that's what you really have to value in every trip, in every experience, however, there's one thing I wouldn't do in Negril and that's that I'm one of those who wouldn't dare to use Parasailing, I love the ground.

On the other hand, I'm struck by this part where you say (I try to stray away from posts that are not valuable and/or have no real essence of being shared with my fellow ReggaeSteemians.) I hope it will guide me when I'm falling into this error brother.

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Conrad Doesn't just tag JAHM or Reggaesteem for rewards. He wants to build value for the community and provide information. Some people take great photos, some have superb writing skills, some are very creative, others provide information. Different strokes for different folks ;)

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Nailed it on the head. We all add something unique. @jadnven shares many creative pieces through descriptive writing. I enjoy his stories and have even mentioned delving into another content area to bring something new to the feed. I’m sure he can conjure something up given his JAHMin creativity

Respect cat

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Everyone brings their own unique flare and flavor. Your content is unique to you and makes it unique for everyone on RS. I definitely wouldn’t say your content is in error. I would love to see some other content creation from you but your stories are pretty cool and have a side to them that are unlike any other content on the feed

Keep Jahm’in brother

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You certainly make it seem inviting, @conradsuperb, especially the lovely beaches. Great woodcarving too. I'm far away in Malaysia, but very happy to see these views.

@tipu curate

Oh, and it definitely is! Have been back and back again... well six times actually lol

Malaysia is a trip and a half but maybe we’ll see you at JAHM fest in June :-)
Not as close as steemfest in Bangkok but still worth a sojourn 😎


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Well, I am saving for the next STEEMfest, now, so I probably won't be able to afford JAHM, @conradsuperb. But you never know :)

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would love to explore the crafts! 💯

You could get lost in the sauce !!

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