The New Start After The Great Loss : @botefarm-jahm

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It is with a sorrowful heart and deep sadness that I wrote this, I still can't fathom til now how it all happened and what I forgot to do despite the warning everywhere, telling all those who open account on steemit through any interface whatsoever they did it through to always have there keys stored somewhere.


I had my keys stored somewhere, only that it was on the phone, and that phone got lost on the 21st of December. That was when it dawned on me that my saved keys were all on the phone, stored as PDF but weren't sent to my mail. The more serious were the tokens I've accrued from these accounts which I've thought I'll use it for Christmas spending to put smile on my face for the yuletide season. But no, the plan didn't work as supposed.

I lost many alt accounts @botefarm.sports @botefarm.lass @botefarm.ccc @botefarm.neox @botefarm.natrl most especially @botefarm.jahm which contains the highest. This truly hurts, but I've learnt my lesson and ready to make amend.

Presently, I've undelegate the tokens back to my main account @botefarm but now I've only been able to set up one alt account for now, which is @botefarm-jahm as against the lost @botefarm.jahm .

I've also set it up on steemauto by adding 15 accounts to it to vote as trail.

My @botefarm-jahm account has 6,000 jahm.

Also, I've added 340,000 sports staked to my alt account making it 800,000+ sports staked.

No matter what, am moving forward in this year and buying more tokens. I've promised myself that and I'll fulfill the promise. The Future just be well prepared for. Soon, I'll be pulling up more tribes as deemed necessary before the end of next week.

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Sorry for your loss. Keep Jahmin

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded