Heavy Monster - One Message One Love

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Having music inspiration from foreign bands such as The Special, Madness, Operation Ivy, Bob Marley and The Wailers and many others, the Heavy Monster band formed in 1998 exist in Indonesian indie music.

Memiliki inspirasi musik dari band luar negeri seperti The Special, Madness, Operation Ivy, Bob Marley and The Wailers dan banyak lagi lainnya, band Heavy Monster yang terbentuk pada tahun 1998 ini ikut meramaikan dunia musik Indonesia.

Heavy Monster band appeared when ska music was famous in the world even in Indonesia. So at that time in Surabaya, Indonesia where they lived many ska communities emerged.

Band Heavy Monster muncul saat musik ska sedang terkenal di dunia bahkan di Indonesia. Sehingga saat itu di kota Surabaya Indonesia tempat mereka tinggal banyak komunitas ska bermunculan.


Until now, this band with ska and integrating with reggae music still exist in the indie music.

Hingga saat ini band yang beraliran ska dan memadukan dengan reggae ini masih eksis di jalur indie.

I chose to share this song because this song can be uplifting and very suitable if heard when working.

Saya memilih membagikan lagu ini karena lagu ini bisa membangkitkan semangat dan sangat cocok jika didengar saat sedang rutinitas.


Today I wake up in the morning
Open my window feel the wind blow
I realize that really had to go
For my better day tomorrow
My momma said you don't worries son
Leave your problem left behind
Think positive on your mind
But still struggle in this line

One message one love
One bullet one die
One bitter pills for the better later

Long time ago I made a big mistake
Then everything being goes wrong
I screw my mind and got damn so bored
Doin' nothing and just waitin' in vain
I try to walk as far as I can thru
Forget the past and get more wise
The pain will fade as the time goes by
And thats my father always said

Selamat menikmati, i hope you enjoy it.




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keep reggae on. we jahmin

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Ska is picking back up around the world slowly but surely. It is really feel good music so I think it is needed. Blessings.
What a name "Heavy Monster"

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Maybe in the next year ska music will be popular again. Yes, the band name is heavy monster.

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