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My OS died on me! Like a complete blank with a No Parking sign on a grey wall greeting me with a grin. Was Monday out to get me?

Nahhhh!! Monday has never bothered me unless I had a big presentation to do at HOD meetings. And obviously there was none of that happening on any day, now that I am a SAHM.

Perhaps The Langoliers had found me and was duty bound to erase my past. Have no mercy!! Just get her, every single 0 and don't miss any 1's


I couldn't figure out why I kept getting the annoying NO PARKING sign that didn't even have the decency to put on some colour. It was grey as gray could be, making me so very blue. Not the way the day had started out though.

I was excited to work on my upgraded Movavi Video Editor. I had purchased it after much research on some editors out there, and even trying out some trial versions before going to Bangkok. Decided I would stick to Movavi as I was already familiar with it. Yes, it did hang on me when the workload was too much but I figured upgrading to the latest version would help.

So after working on my first video since getting back from Steemfest, I got ready to export it. But nothing happened. I clicked on this, on that, tried closing it... and NOTHING!! I could have Force Shut Movavi from the menu bar but I was hoping to trick it by using the off button instead. The perfect scenario in my head was when I switched it on again, it wouldn't have lost my edited video and I could pick up from where I left off.

Haha!! The joke was on me. Long story short... the OS needed to be reinstalled. Everything I had ever saved on my laptop I had lost. I don't even know what I had saved, so I guess I will know when I need it. And if I never come around to needing it, then it wasn't really important to begin with. Gahhhhh

In the scheme of things, this is nothing compared to losing your home, or a person. So, I will survive losing my digital treasures....


ps: I don't think it is the Movavi editor... and I hope it works better after this non-tragedy...

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Ouch!!! I hate that when it happened too. Nowadays cloud is my backup..

Ouch!!! I hate that when
It happened too. Nowadays
Cloud is my backup..

                 - joannewong

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I was just talking about cloud to The Hubs the day before this happened...
Maybe it's a sign
Well, I checked, and I have too much footage and pictures
So I am now cleaning them out so I can keep what's necessary on the cloud :)
Which cloud do you use Joanne?

Wow... That's rough... I just lost a hard drive and it'd also losing work and time you spent doing something.. But good for you for taking it so well, non-tragedy, I like that. Has a nice ring to it.
Thanks for sharing, and here's to the next video being better than the last. 😁

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Guess there's nothing I can do about it but just keep moving
Here's to the next video indeed
Thank you for dropping in @orlev :D

a No Parking sign on a grey wall greeting me with a grin


And the Langoliers??? Holy crap, I haven't read/seen that in ages. Great book, one of his not so well known best imo. Happy Tuesday!


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One of my favs from Stephen King
I was worried it would be lost which is why I shared the link to wikipedia .. incase hahaha

Thank you Witty for the shade :D

ouch that sucks! maybe next time you can try using a cloud service for backup purposes.. sorry to hear about your predicament. hopefully you didnt go into rage mode as what your last avatar is displaying.. haha lol

oh btw, speaking of avatar, what software are you using to make that? is that free or a paid subscription? would love to try using those avatars on my posts.. hehe

Yeah, looking into cloud now
Any suggestions?

I use Mojipop
I use a paid subscription so there's no watermark
But if you don't mind the watermark, you can use the free one :D
It's pretty accurate with the faces too