BREAKING NEWS! ; The Roots Of The Corona Virus

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You've read it here first.

As you all know the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global health emergency over the new coronavirus that has had an outbreak in the central city of Wuhan in China. The government did a lockdown in almost 20 cities that, in effect, have quarantined an estimated 56 million people.

By now more than 9,000 cases have been reported worldwide, most of them in China and especially in Wuhan and nearby cities in Hubei Province.

Now the big question is: where did it all started? Where were the "origins" of this virus?

Research has shown that for the answer to that question we have to go back to that first (left-upper) picture below, taken in the summer of 2016.
And then the meetings that took place during the period till last December.

DO we need more proof?


(I you have no knowlegde of international soccer, you probably do not completely understand this joke)


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Hahaha I once saw this picture trend on-line sometimes ago lol, for a minute there I thought you had the information about the cure lol completely took me off guard there 🤣🤣🤣🤣

There's a short video on YT where you can see it "live" happen. Brrrrrrrrrrr.

it looks very funny.😂

It smells "funny" also ...

Lol hahaha I'm sure this guy didn't predict he'll be caught on camera doing this shit. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

It seems to be a nervous habit. Hope he doesn't bite nails ... :-)

He'll definitely bite nails, it's definitely gross seeing him do that. Does he expect it to smell nice?

Don't know, it's a tic I think.
Just like the habit of him having a late-night snack ...

a perfect skill to laugh when all are in panic;)

a man forgot cams are everywhere?:)) too involved into soccer:)

Tension can make someome behave like a complete fool.

Lol, the virus is said to be torn in the flesh of. Government of China, as a lot of people are said to be affected by the virus, I just hold it would be contain before it is late. I don't seem to get the message through those picture.

Just watch the video I added in the comment to @josediccus and you'll get the message.

Seen that too much already. What a filthy habit.

Fist bumps would have stopped it in it's tracks :-)


Yep, and even then with certain people you still should be cautious ... :-)

Lool this is the original origin of the virus, more handshakes for me...fist bumps all the way....crotchrona virus lol

Fist bumps indeed, and to make sure wearing boxing gloves ...

Very cunning.

So it came from that guys balls? X-D. Is he a soccer player? I thought he was the president of Bolivia

It's the head coach of the German national soccer team and it happened during the last European Championship in 2016.

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