Investments 3.0: Technologies of the future today

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What is Investment 3.0?

This is a term we invented, so if you search on the Internet you can get other ideas or concepts. We define it as a new way of making investments, using new tools that did not exist before. Therefore, in this article we will expose the technologies that can impact the way people make investments around the world.

Starting by clarifying that with investments we mean all financial activity where people decide to deposit money in a proposal. This ranges from the traditional way, such as acquiring shares, or modern ones, such as cryptocurrencies. Stressing that technologies begin to influence investments even from conception.

In addition, highlight that we refer to new technologies, which we handle within the page, so they will be familiar faces.


To start the list of technologies that are changing investments, we find our favorite. Since its birth, Blockchain technology had the objective of revolutionizing the financial world. It should be noted that the impact of this technology is particularly directed at the platforms that allow investments, rather than the investor.

With this idea we mean that it is the platforms that are mainly benefited by this technology, since they allow to improve their services. There are two important contributions to consider when evaluating this technology.

First, the storage of information in a secure and immutable way, allowing investments to be as transparent and efficient as possible. The second contribution refers to the possibility of improving compliance with the agreements, with the appearance of smart contracts.

Artificial intelligence

The second technology that we consider that makes up 3.0 investments is the one that reigned in 2019 for its breakthrough advances, being Artificial Intelligence. Unlike the Blockchain, this technology can directly support and influence investors when making decisions.

The way this technology can influence is with the platforms that we have exposed on multiple occasions, being the analysis of data. With the ability of AIs to study and evaluate the data provided, it is a direct aid for the investor to assess the market situation. In this way, investments can be made efficiently.

As the saying goes, two heads think better than one.

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@exe8422 the blockchain technology have actually brought some much development to the world of investments and i see it doing more in the future...

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any technology that supports and also influence investors is the winner,such technology should be really respected and adored...

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