Inventer Builds An Ejector Bed For People Who Are Too Lazy To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning!

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

I know I'm a little off but I thought this project was so funny. This youtube channeler named Colin Furze(another wacked out British dude. lol.) built this crazy bed for his youtube audience. You can see more of his wild inventions on the video clip.

But anyway, this bed is adjustable so you can set it to just rise up and slide someone out of bed or you can set it on high so it'll CATAPULT someone out of bed! lol.


We all know parents or grandparents with kids and grandkids who would love this bed!

I think someone should start selling them. One thing I've learned from talking with high ticket marketers is that people will buy anything with a high price and if the item is unusual.

This could sell for $10,000 easy. And I think it would sell well too!

Check out his hilarious(to me anyway) video:


I know some of you know of someone who could use this bed or perhaps you yourselves could use it, am I right? lol.

Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!





S O L D...... !!!!!

Leisure man! Hey they could build a miniature model to put in trucks. They'd catapult you into the ceiling! lol.

They should make an ejector sofa for the lazy ass dudes that sit around all the time. I know one such dude which from here on in will refer to as Sofa man 🤣😂

Howdy paulag! Oh, Sofa man sounds like a sad case to me. He definitely needs an ejector sofa to catapult him off his sorry, lazy ass. lol.

That's a good idea. The same company that makes the ejector bed could make an ejector sofa and both would sell like crazy!

Oh! No! Banish this kind of beds!! Too drastic!

Howdy sir kaminchan! So you don't these beds are funny? Maybe I am cold-hearted. What about if they just gently lifted up to slide the person off and didn't have the harsh setting?

Yup! We don’t want to have to spend money at the hospital for some injury!!

This would be a great prank to play on a college room mate!

Then you might lose your friend!

Yes, it would have to be someone with a great sense of humor!

Morning janton, I am into gentle taking my time waking up.

But you probably don't oversleep so you wouldn't need this bed anyway. But I bet you've known people who always overslept and were late for everything!

Hahah, especially those sleepy heads that did not make early morning meetings. The standard was high janton.😇😜

Oh yes, those people are very irritating because normally it's the same ones over and over!

We all have these people in our lives to test our patience and understanding, lol

Yes and most of the time they are family members or relatives that we can't get rid of! lol.

Now, that's one bed tailor-made for you. That would solve your problem of lazing in bed in the morning.

Oh Dang, I didn't even think about that sir Vincent but you are right. I hope Mrs. J doesn't see that bed and get ideas!

Boy I could use one of those @janton, where do I sign up for one?


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lol...I think you better get your better half's permission! lol.

Haha Cowboy, that’s quite an idea to help anyone with a sore back or such. But the downside is you may get more injuries when you land from being catapulted. 😂

That's for sure, especially if you're asleep! lol. I think the gentle setting that just slowly slides you out of bed wouldn't be bad.


Howdy squirrelbait! I'm glad you liked this. lol. I think it would be a fantastic prank to play on someone!

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Hmmm, so much for lazy folk🙊

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lol..that's what my parents needed for me when I was a kid!

I think we all go through that lazy phase at some point in our lives, don't we, janton😃

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Howdy tonight clitadias! I agree. Some of us have never gotten out of that phase. lol.

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Oh so you wouldn't need this bed anyway because you have enough self control to get up on your own, good for you anneke!