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I happily didn’t utter a syllable to a soul til after four in the afternoon and enjoyed the peace and solitude of having the apartment to myself. It’s the first weekend of this year that I’ve felt safe and happy at home. Finally. Stillness.

I have a date for drinks coming up and I already feel sorry for him.

I have a routine that keeps me sane. I tell people that only people I love get my “yes” and I mostly say “no” or “not yet.” I rarely interface with people after midnight. I don’t like talking before noon. And I don’t own a phone and get annoyed talking through a device for more than a couple minutes and only will carry such a conversation if I have to.

G: “For an introvert, how do you have so many friends?”

JNET: “Random meetings through mutual friends, shows, work, events. I like to discover interesting and unique people.”

Maybe there’s a novelty in meeting a piano teacher. People are comfortable in my presence and confess their lives. I listen for mistakes for a living and I push people to improve expressing themselves. I have a flair for kicking people into gear.

N: “You really love what you do. We can tell. You’re a very independent woman. I want my daughters around you.” (Sweetest compliment this week from my student’s mom. They ordered pizza and insisted that I stay for dinner.)

My students and my immediate family are my priority. I perform as a dancer when the groups I’m in are preparing for a particular show I want to be involved with. And I’ve found side jobs by simply following my interests and still following my rules of no people after midnight and no conversation before noon.

For a spell I wrote movie reviews. I chose my hours and even which friends I wanted on my writing team. The “big boss” found my writing online and asked me a few times to come into his Hollywood office before I said yes. I think he hoped he could convince me to start a YouTube channel but I don’t enjoy being in front of a camera. Even though I decided I didn’t want to do more projects, we’re still friends. I prefer my students. But I liked visiting a different world where everyone was required to play Halo with the boss, the hours were flexible, and the fridge had booze. I still can’t believe I got that job from blogging at home in my pjs.

The photo above was taken as being part of the “crew” for fashion shoots. I stumbled on that world by dropping a roommate to her photo shoot and staying to document her day with my point and shoot cheapo camera. The fashion photographer liked how I took behind the scenes shots that he invited me come back to a dozen fashion shoots after that to be the official behind the scenes stills photographer. That was fun for a spell. Twelve to fifteen hour work days were the norm, booze in the fridge, and I watched how makeup transformed people and how sets were dressed.

It was a learning experience. I met beautiful people who were lovely without makeup and I met people who despite the image they projected; they were terrible and would go through lengths to ruin people’s lives. The dark side exists and I was glad to have my students to return to.

I’ve quieted my schedule considerably since my car accident. My fun project outside of teaching my piano students is preparing a group of dancers to sing for their spring dance recital. They are who I broke my day of silence to be with. By the end of the workshop, they were excited and less intimidated by the singing portion of their show.

I enjoyed margaritas and dinner with my bestfriend after rehearsal. I was home before midnight. 02.22.2020. It was a good day.

It’s now 1pm of the next day. I’m thrilled I’m not to speak to a soul today. I have some writing and piano playing to do.

Everyday is an interesting day. Interesting days have a way of finding me. Is it just me or do they find you too? Last week while driving in traffic to visit my family for the long weekend (it took five hours to get to San Diego) a guy invited me to join him and his girlfriend to go sailing. We were driving sooo slow, he was trying to carry a conversation and nearly fell out his truck trying to persuade me to say yes. Is this a way people actually make the best of traffic nowadays? Make friends? I had an adventure with my family I was looking forward to. I said no thank you more times than I thought I had to before our paths went in different directions.

I choose my adventures.

Anyone who thinks introverts lead uninteresting lives are silly. Adventures shows up for everyone even for those not seeking one. Being an introvert, life feels even more magical because I do a lot to stay away from the noise of the world.

Now as to finding someone that I can share my magical world with who is okay with my quirks. That would be very interesting. Pro cryptocurrency and not afraid of anarchy would be nice though perhaps a tall order.


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Fellow introvert here. People think my taciturn demeanor means they should keep talking. I’m like their confessor. People tell me way too much.

Recently, I had a day off and asked my oldest daughter to not come visit while everybody else was out so I could have some quiet time.

I tend to meet adventures people and have crazy experiences. I just don’t make it a habit.

My wife is almost introverted. She talks a lot when she’s switched on. However, she loves reading. When we’re alone together, we hardly talk most of the day. We each tend to our hobbies. Ironically, I’m the adventurous one. There’s a solemn little devil in me that inspires me to try dumb things. It’s a source of new experiences to keep the relationship fresh.

There’s somebody out there for you.

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Thanks for your encouragements fellow introvert. I’m not too worried about myself though it was pointed out by a recently “past tense friend” that it wasn’t right that I’m happy by myself. That conversation went down like a lead balloon.

My friends and family that understand and love me let me know that I’m easy to be with even if I’m silently in my own corner. I eventually happily resurface after my batteries are recharged.

I’m glad you found a happy match with your wife and that you encourage one another’s hobbies. You enjoy one another simply by being an expression of ones self toward one another and not needing the other for mere company and entertainment. That would be exhausting. I’m happy to hear when introverts find they are building fulfilling relationships. We are extremely selective people and are misunderstood (by people that are absolutely wrong for us.) But for those that make it into our private quiet world, life feels very meaningful and magical. Blessings to you and your family.


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