Here I Am On Steem || My Introduceyourself Post On 16/2/2020

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Who Am I ?

I am Shuaib Yusuf a native of Ilorin in Kwara state Nigeria, the first child family of six (boys four girls) grew up in Lagos where in had my first sch leaving certificate then finished my high school Federal Government college Ilorin which is my home town.

My Educational Background

I Studied Agricultural economics and extension Technology, Minna Niger state.
Had my National youth service corps (NYSC) in Enugu state (coal city) Nigeria. Where I involved myself in community development services and Also was a member of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), alongside I was the Corper's Liason officer (CLO) for the local government that my primary place of assignment (PPA) was attached
It was indeed a great experience, I love humanity services..




My NYSC Photographs





Working as a business development officer for Opay (Optimal payment) Nigeria but recently I lost the job 2weeks back and am back on the street where I was just trying to find a living and doing what I love like Photography, Research and surfing the net.. Love hub is my thing as well.





How I Joined Steemit?

I was wandering around when I saw my school colleague who we went to the higher institution together the person of @mattsanthonyit when we apparently talk for more than 3 hours at first. We have seen each other for the past 6years ago when we left the school and we met again today. So he finally introduced me to the STEEM which I believe in it when he told me more about the blockchain platform and it's Advantages. I quickly gained from his talk and his experience as well because we are good friends.



Thanks for accepting me.


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Welcome to #steemit! Peruse through posts and see what its all about!

You have a great friend and teacher! Ask anyone anything if you need help!


@dswigle thank you so much really will be needing your own direct help too of you don't mind been my Guide

Hello @shubbysplendor, Welcome to the steemit network!

Thank you xoxo

Welcome to steemit @shubbysplendor.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Thank you

Welcome buddy to the platform. Enjoy.....

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Aaaaaah lool, Really going to be an awesome experience I believe? Thank you

howdy dude

Not bad just trying to get comfy and know how things work on here, but I must say it's really a nice platform


You welcome

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