Introducing the official Music-Community account


Music Community stepping up - read on

Hive music lovers - this is the official launch of the @music-community account you might have seen commenting on music posts since some days.

What is this Music Community again?

While the community is running already a while we saw a large split into many sub communities even around music. Our approach is to unite all in one, so to speak, as we are sure one larger community is key to also attract new Hive users and investors in the music space.

From musicians and music lovers to musicians and music lovers

This is our key message towards all that like music. We created a little voting bot that also re-blogs curated music content. We curate music content from the entire Hive platform no matter in which community posts are made. You might have seen a comment already like this:

Screen Shot 20201010 at 21.15.00.png

What is the aim of the music-community?

Summarised we simply want to reward good music content on this platform.

  • We want to achieve the highest, professional quality level in music.
  • We want to unite and get together all musicians, singers, producers, Djs, music businesses, and all music lovers and fans.
  • We want the best music on the blockchain to be available in this community.
  • We want to reach at least 50,000 HP for curating music content.
  • We will be curating on all communities, emphasizing rewards on Music-community.
  • We will take into consideration, the interaction of the authors in the community
  • We will anounce activities driven by us
  • We hope to generate interesting content about the musical activity in Hive and about the musicians active in this space.
  • We will be supporting music activities and contests driven by other people or communities, like:
    ◦ Hive Open Mic
    ◦ Hive Music Festival
    ◦ Maraton Musical
    ◦ And any other that may arise on our platform

What you can do

As a music lover and content creator simple create posts that drives engagement around music and enrich the community. Feel free to post stories around Music, post your videos singing, playing instruments and more. All music genres allowed!

We want you to engage, comment, vote and re-blog within this community. We want this community to be a place of high engagement, not just another place to post and park content hoping to get enough votes. We want to have some discussions here.

What we would need

Currently we are voting with a bit over 1,000 HP and are looking for delegations to reward great music authors. The success of this community obviously depends on a certain level of voting power so we can make sure good content is rewarded. Simply because of "from musicians and music lovers to musicians and music lovers..."

Here some links to delegate using Hivesigner:

50 HP100 HP500 HP1000 HP5000 HP

Who is behind this?

Founded by @uwelang and re-vamped by @ylich is the short version. We will not bother you with CVs and stuff. Some know us - we are a perfect combination having a real musician aka @ylich and a former DJ aka @uwelang that will make sure to have a balance between various styles of music and the way it is presented.

Our new Logo

This will be our new brand. A logo designed by the musician & designer @ikasumanera, who did a very nice work.


Check the Music Community on Hive - join here

Music community


I love to see more music on Hive. I am always encouraging musicians and post some of my own tunes too. Keep up the good work.


You are a great community icon, one of the few that always drives engagement and is not selfish - appreciate your engagement!

I just do what I can to help Hive grow. I believe it can do so much good, but selfishness does not serve that cause.

FIRST KRILL "All hail, @steevc! Hail to thee, Thane of 3speak!"

SECOND KRILL "All hail, @steevc ! Hail to thee, Thane of Splinterlands!"

THIRD KRILL "All hail, @steevc, that shalt be king hereafter!

I was gonna ask if you'd heard of this community. I should have known that you are omniscient when it comes to Hive. 😃 😍

You should know that I'm a prolific commenter and I will check out music stuff. If I'm Thane do I get a crown?


Only when you're the king, and you have to get your misses to murder the current king.

'missus', sigh :)

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What a great idea I will share it in discord

There are many musicians on HIVE, and some really good ones. There are also too many communities scattered around. @atomcollector who runs Rising Star has his own and being a part of that game has introduced me to some of the budding stars, some of them on the cards!

Could that community be merged into this one, and a massive dominant community be formed?

Thx buddy - in theory merged is great - @atomcollector is awesome not only as of the game. But in general i always learned a protective mind by most music community drivers - i am open for all cooperation. We see us more of a unification committee :-) lol - trying to build bridges - too many isolated music communities. We try to support all of them kind of - @ylich - do you agree?

It is no way a competition of communities, rather a group that tries to help all music folks within their initiatives.

This is just great! Delegated some HP to you guys ✌️

Looking forward seeing some sweet post to widen my music knowledge 😁

Thank you so much!!!! We appreciate the support

great you guys! count on my support :)

That is brilliant to hear - thanks a lot @recording-box

It will be great to be part of this ! Thanks for sharing!!

Glad to hear - looking forward to working with you

very good - re-hived

@paulmoon, thought you might be interested in this.

Thanks for directing folks to this @joebrochin - much appreciated


Thank you for the upvote, I've read your intro, and I am happy you are here for musicians like me on Hive. I'll do well to tag the community on my posts.

Glad to read this - just post in the community in we are looking forward to your content.


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Excelente oportunidad para enaltecer la música dentro de la blockchain. Apoyo cien por ciento este proyecto y deseo que crezca como la espuma... El mayor de los éxitos. Saludos


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Hey amigo tengo problemas para entrar en Hive .. Sera que me puedes ayudar? quiero saber que pasa?

I am glad to see how music community on hive is growing up and more glad to actively participate in it. Hope that more people will join us. We do not bite, we just provide music ;-)

Buenísima toda la idea, así uno se siente aún más motivado a hacerlo lo mejor posible.
Éxito con ésta idea!!