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Hi everyone!
I'm Luis. 24 years old, from El Salvador, specifically the city of Antiguo Cuscatlán, in the department of La Libertad.

Let me tell you a little bit of me.
Born and raised in El Salvador, the littlelest country in Central America, bordering with Honduras at North and Guatemala at West; homeland of the pupusas, Jorge "El Mágico" González, and place of most of the beautiful beaches around the world just like El Tunco, El Zonte, Sunzal, and others.
In fact, my country was selected to host the International Surf Association World Cup 2020 in May, but due the COVID-19 it was not possible :(

I´m the middle one of three brothers, they are Carlos and Bryan, and she´s my mom Ana (and yep! in the photo we are ordered from the oldest to the youngest one, from left to right).

As a kid I´ve always been an aviation enthusiast, wishing to be an airplane pilot in the future, and thanks God the dream came true in 2015, after graduating from highschool. My "Alma Mater" was an aviation school named "Dárdano Aeroservicios".

After a few years i had the great opportunity of been hired in the airline Avianca Holdings (previously kwon as TACA International in my country), flying the Embraer-190.
My other passions are cooking and play/watch soccer (not the skillest one, but I do my best hahaha).

Thanks to all of you for read about me. See you next post!


Hello Luis, welcome to Hive!
Enjoy your trip here and stay safe!


Welcome to the Hive community. Get comfortable

Thank you so much Beckie!😊 I'll do!

And here's a welcome to Hive...

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Thanks, I really appreciate the warm welcome to Hive 😊

Yo yo! Welcome!

Thank you so much! 😃


Thank you! 😃

Hey man, welcome to the Hive family. Stay a while! Make yourself comfortable.

Thanks Torrey, I appreciate your good wishes!!

@ericwilson also sent me here. Welcome!

Thanks man! 😃

@ericwilson sent me here from Twitter: #PoSH

Same here! If you're not on Twitter Luis, I'd recommend joining - there's an awesome Hive community there too! And welcome aboard! 😌

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LOL! Oopsies - meant to send it to Luis, but consider that a thank you tip for making me a Manager of the LinkedIn Hive Community! 😆

I've sent the 0.1 HIVE to @luisr13

Thank you so much Traci, I'm really excited to be part of this great community! I'll create my a Twitter account to join the Hive's community.

You're very welcome! And when you're on Twitter, be sure to shout out so I can give you a follow.

And if you use the hashtag #HiveBlogShare, I can RT your posts from the account as well. Happy Hiving, Luis! 😊

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Welcome to Hive!

Thank you so much!

Bienvenido Luis, esperamos te diviertas y compartas con nosotros muchas de tus andanzas y conocimiento y esas grandes pasiones que sabemos y podemos aprender de ti.
Bienvenido a esta grandiosa comunidad.

Gracias!! Espero que el material que tengo para compartir sea del agrado de todos!

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Cool intro buddy. Welcome to hive!

Thanks bro! This is an incredible community

hi pilot man

Hi buddy!!

Welcome to the Biggest Social Community HIVE. Nice Introduction. I upvoted your post so that you can be more inspired to create more content. I will look after your profile to see your future content. #hiveisalive

Thanks for you warm welcome! I hope you'll enjoy my future content.