Introduce Myself

Hello world of Hive. I want to introduce myself. my name is Rana Khan.I am from Bangladesh (Dhaka)


Life is spent with the good and the bad of everyone. I am no exception. In the meantime, many memories of childhood and youth have remained. I hope I can share with everyone.

Likes Hobby habit bad habit madness
I love listening to rap music. I like to learn something new. It feels best to spend time with friends.

My Rare coin collection
Collection period (2004-2020)

Can't hold time, but can be framed for a few moments by fading into the pages of memory. I'm not professional. But I like to do photography

Familiarity with new experiences
No one is born to learn work from the mother's womb. Nothing is the same in my field. However, he introduced me to the new Experiance @steemitwork (Mahabub Bhai). Thankyou so very much.

I hope to have everyone by my side all the time. I hope that in the new way of becoming a supporter, everyone will cooperate as a supporter. There was love for everyone.


Welcome to the hive blockchain @knight-writter

Thank you so much 😇 I hope I can learn a lot by working there. hopefully all of you with me 🥰

Welcome to Hive!
PS: Qick tipps: use the frontend, it is way better
Do lots of comments on high-quality posts, to maximize your visibility.

Thank you so much 😇 I hope I can learn a lot by working there. hopefully all of you with me 🥰

I'm sorry, I missed your introduction post previously.

Welcome to hive, I hope you find a vibrant community to engage with and enjoy your time here.

You will find that relationships are very important here so my recommendation is to engage with people on their posts, comment with relevance and interest, and you will find they do so in return. That's how you begin to build relationships and how your account will grow. It will also bring your more enjoyment.

If you have any questions please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

All the best for the weekend.

thq so very much 🥰
hopefully u r all with me! 🥰

Welcome knight-writter!
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Hello man! Welcome to Hive!

Check out our communities, they're awesome!

thq so very much!!!

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