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Not sure if an introduceyourself-post is needed here so I will just say: Hi, my name is elleok and I joined Steemit about a year ago, took a little break but now I'm back and pretty much am addicted to steemmonsters. Just sitting there refreshing the steemmonsters page about every minute and hope to no longer see this:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-02 um 18.56.27.png

... sadly no changes and what I heard of it should still take at least a few hours until they have fixed it. In the meantime I thought I will write this little post.


still down ...

Cya guys!

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Hello @elleok

It is great that you are here, a people who have been here in a long time, I am glad to be Welcome to Steemit & Wish you luck - success with Steemit!

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I hope good things happen to you.

Best regards

Please ignore this reply if you do not need the above.

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