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@bitpolls here. I am part of the @steem.polls network and my account focuses on Bitcoin (BTC) dpolls at https://dpoll.xyz/user/@bitpolls/

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Hello, Welcome to Steemit 🕊 🕊 🦜

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Welcome to Steemit @bitpolls :)

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Hello @bitpolls

Welcome to Steem i wish you luck and success.
Below you will find some suggestions.

  1. Pushbook and seven77challenge are initiated by @nathanmars and the purpose of this movement is to increase steem awareness and price. It will cost you only some seconds to be a seven77 member. Read this post.
  2. @paulag's Redfish Power UP League will help you to grow your account
  3. along with @akomoajong 100SP Giveaway
  4. I am using Partiko to check my steem acount from my mobile
  5. Actifit is another great steem app that rewards you based on your daily activity.
  6. If you like card games you should join Steem Monsters. Collect cards, do daily quest or join turnaments. You can also sell your cards for steem. i am sure you will love it as i do.
  7. if not then join Next Colony build your base, extract materials and construct ships.
  8. ok ok ok i've got it. you want to be a drug dealer. Join DrugWars sell your drugs and earn coins.

Feel free to ask anything you want. i will be happy to help you

Welcome to steemit @bitpolls.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!