Changes to the IntinteDAO infrastructure

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As some people probably remember, there was a Hard Fork project on Steem and Hive. There are various problems and changes that we have to make in order to continue.

SteemConnect Fial

SteemConnect was probably abandoned to work only on Hive. It made it very difficult for us to develop projects and again we got the middle finger. Time for deep changes.


As some people know - after clicking on the "SteemConnect" button a message about writing on Discord, Discord users get their account password and play without SteemConnect. We try to give up SteemConnect completely, of course payouts work normally (on Steem and Hive), but we have to move away from the idea of dependence on SteemConnect.

The second problem was the stability of SteemConnect, which was ... very low. Frequent failures made it impossible for the game to work properly and some people could not suddenly play.


For the time being we have not modified DGameMarket (although we will have to). I will try to rewrite the code here to support Bitcoin (Lightning Network). I will be contacting all the games adding to DGameMarket. If you are such a person - you can go to our Discord IntinteDAO and wait (or ask questions).

Hive Support?

In many projects we analyse if it is possible to add Hive support. In SteemNova there is such support (and other small projects), in DGameMarket there is not yet. Mainly because Hive is a very young project and it is unknown whether it will fall or not. Every day I check data from CoinMarketCap to determine the situation of the project.

SteemNova development

Currently I spend a lot of time developing SteemNova, mainly bot technology. My goal is to create virtual players who will challenge (or be a farm) for real emperors. For now the bots are able to send expeditions, recycle and buy officers, we are working on building module.

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