Time out from webs - creative vacation mode ON!

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No matter how I like it, I will take a short break from the multiple online webs in order to ... participate in cult activities, sex orgies and drug infused arson ...

I was about to say that I will take a vacation and buzz around in my space ship but considering current situation I think it is the best to engage in any other lunacy then to induce even bigger panic.

I used to drive around with my windows rolled down and produce that odd howling sound across the sky - but considering the end of days is more than palpable topic, I think that would be a little bit too brutal.

Plus, now you know it is me, not HARP or the "atmospheric phenomenon" and I would hate to get covered in rotten eggs when I come back.

OK, so I will quit for a while on most of the activities, not because I am on quits but because so I can do some other things.

I'll play Splinterlands and use my favorite microblogging websites - MemoCash & Twitter ( maybe post on Whaleshares or Hive). All other things are OFF for now.

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