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RE: Short article by Peter Diamandis

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What do you think of 5G? Would you use it? Have you read/watched anything about its possible harmful effects on our health?


I've read some things about its effects a year ago, and have a slight tendency to think the harmful effects are rather tiny. But I haven't come to a conclusion yet. What do you think?

I don't know for sure...but from what I watched and read it seems to affect us more than 4G and that might be thanks to more antennas needed to be installed for it to work well. Such antennas are very close to each other and mostly at the same height as houses. I am no tech guy but I believe that every piece of technology comes at a cost and it's no mystery that radiations surrounding us have increased a lot over time. We don't have just radio anymore.

Yes, I agree.
In Switzerland they already have started to implement 5G ( and I am looking forward to using it and to the assessments of the health-related costs.

Just read it now, shared my comment and followed him. Thanks for mentioning him.