Are you ready or the Intrepreneur airdrop?

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Intrepreneur are getting ready to complete their airdrop to all holders of staked INT.


You only need 10 INT staked by the 13th of August, then you will be eligible for the Intrepreneur Airdrop.

But it gets even better!

@crystalhuman has announced that he will be adding 1000 INT to this airdrop, from his own personal account.

That's an extra 100 INT each, for the top 10 staked token holders, excluding INT team members!


So now is the time to get staking!

Want to earn more?


Complete simple quests to earn more INT.

  1. Join the Official Intrepreneur Discord at
  2. Make a STEEM post with a screenshot that shows your username and how much INT you have staked.
  3. Share the link to your post in the #Quests channel in Discord. You will receive 25 INT
  4. Share your post link to your twitter page, and drop the twitter URL link in #Sidequests. You will receive an additional 10 INT

So what are you waiting for?


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