My Thoughts On What Happened At The Capital Today

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So it's 6 AM and I just can't sleep. I tried to write some blog posts today for Peakd and LeoFinance but just couldn't concentrate as I watched the news and our nations capital get overrun by protesters. I figured seeing I can't sleep maybe I'll write up one of my political tirade rants. I'm not really left or right when it comes to politics. Frankly, I think I hate both sides equally.

I'm not really a Trump supporter. I've voted Libertarian in every election since I started voting. I did vote for Trump in the first election against Hillary Clinton. It was the first time that I didn't vote for a Libertarian Presidential Candidate. I actually felt pretty dirty too. In truth though, I didn't vote for Trump I voted against Hillary Clinton. She just came with too much political baggage.

Trump wasn't a very presidential president. At times he was downright embarrassing. He wasn't the status quo though. I agreed with a lot of his politics until the BLM protests. His handling of the BLM and Antifa protests was absolutely atrocious. He literally seemed to be antagonizing and instigating the rioting. At the height of it, after reading one of his antagonizing Tweets I had to ask myself if maybe he really was a Russian agent. At a time when this guy should have been trying to calm everyone down and unite the country he was antagonizing a group of people who really just wanted to be heard.

For the Trump / Biden election I returned to voting Libertarian. I tried Trump and could no longer subscribe to his particular brand of asshattery. I honestly didn't think he'd lose the election to Creepy Joe Biden though. Regardless I casted a good conscience vote for liberty, freedom and Jo Jorgensen.

The fact that the Democratic party even gave us a 78 year old career politician was a slap in the face to the American people. A guy a huge chunk of the population refers to as Creepy Joe. IMHO he's not much different from Hillary with slightly less political baggage and probably just as corrupt. I think this is huge part of today's upheaval. It's not that Trump lost, it's that Biden won. Or that Biden was even the alternative in the first place.

I find the entire election suspect right down to the primaries. Joe Biden did terrible at the start of the primaries. If I recall correctly he didn't even place in the top 3 in the first few states. It was proven the DNC rigged the primaries when Bernie Sanders ran against Hillary Clinton. That should of been a huge story and outraged most Americans but for some reason, it never really gained steam. I think something similar happened this time around, they just didn't get caught this time. Suddenly and miraculously Joe Biden starts winning every primary. Seriously, there's something wrong here. HE DID SO POORLY AT THE START!

IDK what to think about this election. There were discrepancies. You can say there was no fraud and that may be debatable. For me, it doesn't really matter that Biden won or Trump lost, but if there was any type of fraud and they stole the election, that's a huge problem. That's the end of our republic. If they did it this time, they'll do it again and again. Voting no longer matters. Any chance of ever seeing a Libertarian president would be thrown out the window. This is why these allegations must and need to be debunked. Nobody has gone the extra mile to prove this one way or the other and everyone seems to take a laissez-faire attitude towards it.

There were enough discrepancies to alarm several congressman and senators. Granted, I think all of them were republican. Still, these are concerning allegations and certainly need to be addressed. On top of that, it just seems like there is a lot more here than meets the eye. I have a hard time believing that there was a well orchestrated conspiracy to steal the election, but something just feels sooooo NOT RIGHT about all this. Again, I'm not a pro-Trumper but something feels really off!

I feel the same way about the Russian collusion we put up with for the first 3 years of the presidency. Eventually proven false yet not one person was blamed or got in trouble for disrupting the first three years of the presidency with propaganda, slander, and lies. This was a smear campaign against a sitting president that distracted him and everyone else from taking care of business. Again, something is really NOT RIGHT HERE! We heard about nothing but Russians for 3 effing years then nothing!

I digress though, returning to voter fraud, what I find alarming is the lack of coverage about these concerns in both the media and by our politicians. The media simply says "oh that's preposterous", "Conspiracy theories all of them", "nothing to see here people, move along".

We even heard some of our congress people address some of the allegations and say they felt some were indeed true and needed to be looked into more closely. If this was all "preposterous conspiracy theory with nothing to see" why weren't the claims debunked and presented to the American people? Why did the press ignore these claims and not really even investigate them? Usually when someone goes out of their way to say, "There's nothing to see here" that means there really is something to see! 30% to 40% of this country believes there was fraud, that's a huge problem and this needs to be addressed properly. With that percentage of the country questioning the election results, this makes for a pretty dangerous environment. It would be in everyone's best interest to present the evidence and debunk it accordingly. That's doesn't seem to be happening though nor will it. Preposterous. Nothing to see here!

I'm not justifying what happened at the capital. I think this was more than just suspected election fraud that led to all this though. Both parties are complicit in the destruction of America. We've watched our freedoms and privacy slowly erode. Again, often brushed off as conspiracy. We've watched police violence escalate. We've seen so many trade deals that screw the American worker and line the pockets of corporations and shareholders. Politicians continually stick their noses where they don't belong telling us all how we should be living our lives. The rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. The list of grievances goes on and each party seems to carry on the agenda of the last rebranded under some new name. It no longer matters which party we elect, they're both selling us out.

The pandemic is another huge issue. We've had businesses shuttered and people unable to work under the guise of a pandemic that really only affects a small percentage of the population. This isn't the black death. An infected person wont kill off an entire neighborhood if they leave the house. We don't have morgue trucks driving down the street with "Bring out your dead" playing on a loudspeaker. That's a real pandemic. CoronaVirus is real and yes, sick people and those at risk should stay in the house and take precautions, the rest of us should be allowed to take the level of risk we're willing to take. That's personal liberty and freedom. Besides that we need to feed our families and pay our mortgages, rents, and bills. Again, this seems like another crisis that's turning into a grab for power. Please don't think I'm making light of CoronaVirus because I've had people very close to me affected by it. It's nasty, but our handling of it is even worse!

In my opinion Joe Biden is no better than Trump. He represents everything that's wrong with the current system. He's an old career politician and gives us more of the same. The same policies that have led us here today. The same politics that got Trump elected in the first place. The same crappy foreign policies that have lead to half the world hating us. More sanctions on foreign countries. More shady backroom deals. More war. More invasion of privacy. More taxes. More laws that infringe on individual liberty. More prison industrial complex. More military industrial complex. More drug war. Joe Biden is more of the same. The only difference is he's a well polished turd but a turd nonetheless.

I hope I'm wrong, but I think this is the start of something in this country. People are pissed off and tired of it. Sure, it may have been about doubts of a legitimate election, but there are so many other factors that lead to that many people showing up at the nation's capital today. Once again Trump definitely instigated the situation and didn't help calm tensions. However, he can't be blamed for all of this. IMHO this was a long time coming and I hope I'm wrong, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if this is the new normal and things are just heating up! This country has been a powder keg just waiting to go off and I think this election and Joe Biden are the flame that ignites it! This isn't about Trump or Biden this is about a decade or more of bad politicians and terrible politics that infringes on the rights and finances of we the people and the people are sick of it!


My sister asked me yesterday. “How am I supposed to teach my girls to be proud Americans when this is the kind of stuff they are going to learn about in history?” I told her that she needed to teach them to be kind and loving human beings. Don’t teach them tribalism, because it is wrong. I said I lost that proud American feel a long time ago, and that is after having 4 years of military experience. I too voted Libertarian, last time Green Party. But I’ll tell you this now, after everything the last year has shown us, I am really ready to say fuck it all. I can take a single politician seriously. We have no true representation, so therefore, I will represent myself an no longer look at them as any kind of real authority. And what it is going to take is other true men to stand up and do the same thing! Storming the capital is not the necessarily the answer, but honestly, it’s OUR building! It belongs to the people, and they are OUR servants! Not the other way around! Americans forget that point... THEY WORK FOR US!

That being said, my protest against this bullshit system is with my money and business. I am trying to pull my business out of the USD system and into crypto as much as possible. I buy Bitcoin daily, and I am seriously considering giving the bird to the IRS and never filing taxes again. I do not feel like they deserve my money. I will be happy and grateful to donate to causes I see fit, like public works and parks and recreation, because those are the hardest working public servants we have! I would NOT even support the public education system until there would be huge reform. I am an advocate of homeschooling, but I know it’s not for everyone, so if I had the money that wasn’t stolen from me, I could afford private schools. But I really think parents in this country need to really go back to raising their kids and learning to be true parents. So that at least the next generation has some kind of chance.

But in the meantime, this Dude is building on the blockchain to swallow my USD income so I can truly be free! I have already made the step to live in a van, so they will have a fun time trying to find me, lol.

This aggression will not stand man!

The Dude will always abide, by the Dude’s will and nobody else’s!

Right on brother! I agree with everything you've stated. These are drastic times and call for drastic measures. I'm a huge advocate of the self-sovereignty movement. I honestly no longer wish to support this system and have been slowly moving to remove myself from it as well. It sickens me to pay taxes to a government that has done nothing to help shape the crypto industry and seems to do everything they can to undermine it and make it difficult to comply. Don't get me wrong, I love my country and our fellow Americans but our government has lost its way.

You're my kind of people Dude! Not sure what's happening with the BEER and ENGAGE calls lately. They seem to get filled but much later.. Anyways. Cheers.


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I don’t want to get into too much I just thought I’d add my perspective.

Biden is the lesser of two evils. There are always small discrepancies within elections, but nothing widespread. I can’t subscribe to any conspiracy because if it was true all republicans would be out of office. The fact that Mitch got reelected is proof enough (kind of a joke). My real proof is I trust the process and people who conducted the election. I think that’s the difference because Trump supporters don’t believe the officials because it does not fit their agenda. If there was proof that impacted the results the 60+ court cases would not be thrown out.

I was disgraced by what happened at the capital. We have a democratic process and these people just committed an act of treason and defiled this democracy and our great constitution.

I don’t wish death on anyone, but these people broke the law and should be held accountable to the full extol the law which is life in prison.

I agree with you about Biden being the lesser of two evils, but still evil. We can't accept evil anymore. It has to change. Evil is destroying us.

I'm not condoning or condemning what happened at the capital today. I think it was a few bad actors and things escalated quickly. I'm highly suspicious of the fraud accusations as well, yet I can't help but think they could have done more to reassure the population that everything was legit.

It's not treason because as far as we know it was not orchestrated with foreign governments. It could easily be labeled an insurrection though.

Maybe it's the little bit of liberal in me, but people can easily get swept up into the moment. Life in prison seems sort of harsh, I do think they'll end up making an example of a lot of the people that were photographed inside the capital building. I'm sure some form of justice will be served.

I'm interested to see what today brings and if things start to cool down or escalate further.

I think the majority of people think the election was fair. It's always good to question, but when the investigation is over and the officials certify it is at that time you have to trust the process.

These are extremists that are being fueled by Trump and his loyalist. No matter what evidence was presented these people will never believe the election because it was not the outcome they wanted. To keep feeding in to these peoples delusions is dangerous and this is what you get.

It's like playing into somebody who is mentally unstable; it's just dangerous and irresponsible. Those who have taken part should be held accountable.

I would agree it is for sure insurrection and from a legal standpoint sedition. I could make the argument that trump is trying to coup which then it could be classified as treason.

I personally feel like this is an attack on democracy and this presidency has done so much damage. I will never understand the cult like mentality they have for trump. I also want an investigation into law enforcement because the level of preparedness was inexcusable. Looking at how they prepared here compared to the BLM protest is this is a joke. It was very public that this type of action was going to happen based on social media posts and what the president said minutes before.

I will never understand the cult like mentality they have for trump. I also want an investigation into law enforcement because the level of preparedness was inexcusable.

I never understood the cult like mentality for party affiliation or candidates either. You also bring up a good point with law enforcement. They didn't seem prepared at all and I have to wonder if that wasn't by design. Make no mistake about it, our government is going through changes and we're all pawns on the chess board to these people. I don't mean to get conspiratorial, but I never underestimate these people either.


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