The World's First Snow Artist: The Astounding Snowshoe Art Of Simon Beck

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

This is such a cool story. Simon Beck worked as a map maker in England for years but was rather miserable in his career. Before that he had worked other jobs as well and failed at all of them.

He said he was the guy people were always trying to figure out how to get rid of! So he must have been a failure with social skills as well.

Acting on a hunch changed his life

Then one day he was skiing and decided to try and do a drawing in a level patch of snow. He'd always loved to draw.

Well, it turned out great and people were freaking out about it.

So he did snow drawings in other areas and his work became a sensation and he started getting offers to come and perform his magic at ski resorts and national parks all over the world.

Here's a few of his creations:

download 1.jpg

The precision is impeccable. I like the way this one goes up the hill on the left side.

download 2.jpg

He uses alot of geometric patterns, most are done by just formulating the design in his mind.


They take anywhere from 11 hours to a couple of days to complete.


They only tools he uses are his snowshoes and pole.

download 3.jpg

It takes 45,000 steps in deep snow for a simple one which is a tremendous work out!

download 4.jpg

I can't get enough of these and the variety is amazing.


I really like this style of drawing.

download 5.jpg

He started out in the Alps but has gotten alot of work in the Northern United States the last few years.

download 6.jpg

One of my favorites!

download 9.jpg

This is a great way to show off his work since it has to be seen from above to be appreciated fully.

download 10.jpg

For more complex designs he maps them out and sometimes uses a compass.

download 11.jpg

His fame is growing

A New Zealand clothing maker called Icebreaker launched The Art of Nature Simon Beck Collection of under garments inspired by his snow art designs.


Pretty cool.


Then a wealthy American(dang Muricans are always throwing their money around) hired him to do a beach design for a live event so that started him doing beaches.


Simon says it's much easier to walk on a flat beach all day.


For the beach designs he uses a rake.


He's 59 years old now and finally feels like a success and is able to do what he loves for a living.



He went from people wanting to get rid of him to being highly sought out by organizations and people all over the world!

Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!





wow! so cool

Howdy tobetada! I'm so glad you like the artwork, I agree!

That is so cool!

Howdy Melinda! I agree, I'm glad you like it too. The guys now gets to travel all over the world to do his artwork!

Mind boggling. He is one very patient and very focused man. And very talented of course. 😊

I agree sir Vincent, plus in good shape from all that walking! lol..and it's not just walking like on a sidewalk, walking in snow is exhausting as you probably know.

He is really gifted! Very nice art work!

Howdy sir kaminchan! I agree, I'm so glad you like his art!

Hi janton, what a magnificent artist creating amazing art. I am in awe. Love them.

Howdy today angiemitchell! I'm so glad you like the artwork. I was super impressed too. You've traveled enough that you've walked in deep snow right? So you know how exhaustive it is! He must be in tremendous shape.

I agree, it must have been really hard work. I wonder how cold his hands got? Being in the snow is very cold.

Howdy today angiemitchell! Yes I agree, some people don't seem to be bothered much by the cold though. Hey how is the coronavirus situation in Australia? Is it growing there?


Heym now... Not all of us have money to throw around! I could probably throw some quarters, though.

Cool art. Sure makes the smiley faces I make in the snow look primative – lol

lol...I bet your smiley faces look pretty cool too sir fotosdenada! How about snow angels?

What a gifted guy this is, bless him. Thanks for sharing this story, janton🙏

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Thanks so much clitadias! Have you ever walked in deep snow? It's exhausting so he's in great shape!

Playing or walking in snow has been a childhood dream, watching movies of people throwing snow at each other😊😃
As for the guy, he's keeping fit even though it is exhausting, you're right 👍

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Oh how interesting about your childhood dream! It IS alot of fun to play around in, I hope you get to do that someday!

Unbelievable - first the planning but goodness he must be so fit - It is amazing what some people can do

Howdy anneke! I agree. Have you ever walked in deep snow? It's exhausting! lol.

And I thought it was the aliens doing all those fantastic designs. 😂

lol...that's right, it DOES look remind one of those crop circle designs! Good one redheadpei!

Fantastic! That is amazing and to think he gets paid to play! Well done to him!

Yes sir it's like a dream job now! Plus he gets a great workout too. lol. I know you know how hard it is to walk in deep snow!

Good point!