Parkinson's Disease Doesn't Stop This Artist From Creating Cool Art From Old Silverware

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

I try to find inspiring stories on Sunday and this is such a story today. This guy named Gary Hovey from Ohio was a commercial welder and metal fabricator until he had to stop working because of his Parkinson's disease.

But instead of moping around and being depressed about the cards life had dealt him...he put is welding skills to work and began creating sculptures from used stainless steel knives, forks and spoons.

Here's Gary with one of his creations:


I don't know why he decided on that medium to work with but it's pretty awesome that he takes cutlery that people throw away or are selling at garage sales and turns them into something special.

Here's a few of his pieces:

This Bald Eagle is on display at the country court house in Decatur, Illinois


And this Grizzly Bear stands in front of the court house in Sioux Falls, South Dakota:





Gazelle..this is a good sized on at 18 inches high and 24 inches long:


Close up of the Gazelle:


Look at those


Red Tailed Hawk:


Close up of the head:


Love those ears:




Ok, you get the idea. These are just a few. All photos are from his website:
He does a huge variety of animals and he does take commissions to create what you want.

Almost everything on his site is for sale and prices run from $50 for a chick to $5,000 for a Gorilla!

Here's what Gary has to say about his situation:

"Since I can't work a regular job anymore, making my art gives me purpose. I want my story to inspire others to look for what they can do despite what has happened to them." source

He's a great role model! God bless you Gary. With the amazing treatments they're coming up with like gene editing, it won't be long before Parkinson's is history.


I need to have him make a howling coyote to put by the front gate, we listen to those critters every night.

Thanks for reading folks, God bless you all!






Those are great !

Some people just have the strong spirit to push forward no matter what kind of bumps in life's road comes along. It's always encouraging to see it.

Howdy jacey.boldart! I agree, I think he's awesome and an awesome artist as well, I'm glad you like him and his work!

Thanks for sharing those great pieces of art. I would love to have that eagle. 😁💕


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You are welcome. 💕

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Reminds of that fella you did a series on a while back with the scrap metal. This cat has some skill considering. Good on him😎

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Evenin’ Cowboy! So great he is able to create such lovely art and from used stainless cutlery.

I like the chickens and the cat face the beat and they are all special.

Howdy redheadpei! I agree. I think you should have him make a tiny squirrel sculpture! lol.

Very impressive works indeed. That's a lot of cutlery there.

I'm glad you liked those sir Vincent, they probably made you hungry though. lol.

Hi janton, there are very remarkable people in this life teaching us lessons with their energy and passion. Gary gets a huge wow from me. I love the way he has pursued his purpose regardless of his disease. Just love his pieces of work.

I do too angiemitchell, you should have him make a big Kookaburra bird or one of those iconic Australian birds and put it in your backyard!

I would love that janton, but I fear the real birds might fly away in fright, lol😊

Oh, that's a good point, I wonder how they'd react to a metal sculpture that looked very real? lol. It might scare all of them away.

Bless him 💙 so good 👍🙏

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Howdy clitadias! Shoot, I forgot about you for awhile, I'm sorry. If I don't see someone's name I forget to go to their blog!
Anyway, I agree, he's tremendous and maybe we'll get a cure for that soon!

Aww, I feel sad now that you forgot me😭🤭 jk😃 have a great day. Your posts are one of the best and I try hard to keep pace, but lag behind.

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lol...I forget everyone unless they comment to me everyday! Don't worry about lagging behind, it's a blessing to hear from you no matter when it is.

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