Are Your Insecurities Holding You Back? #newsteem

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Do you sometimes feel like there is no hope? though you have all the potential in the world. What it Means to Feel Insecure We have a vivid imaginary/imagination and can visualize endless possibilities thoughts. When we are feeling insecure about what we have done or something that we've then, we are unable to fully trust ourselves at that moment. Well, it’s actually often of one single thing to make our self insecurity. But a multitude of things happened that come together to form the ways of all our insecurities.

In our mind’s eye, there is no goal is seemingly out of reach, therefore, we make another way for some reason. In the real world, we just can’t seem to get ourselves to do all the things we made because of the lack of potential or resources. It’s as if something is holding our way back from living life in an optimal way.

Identify Our Insecurities

The first step or thing to do is all about awareness. We need to identify all the types of insecurities approaching. First, they typically struggle with others, This will require uncovering irrational beliefs and unhelpful thoughts that are at the core of your insecurities. For example to my curation content confusing about bid bots because there are lots of bid, but is not profitable. So this is my first insecurity by using the bot. The deeper we go, the better we understand how we have come to develop these insecurities build our self-worth. (This is all about peeling back the layers). We feel insecurity because we make irrational interpretations about ourselves or about our ability to get something done. Practice Being Objective It’s time now to challenge our insecurities.

Insecurities are nothing more than interpretations we have made about ourselves, others, circumstances, family problems, money, love life sometimes others ended life without any reason. Nor about what will or won’t happen, interpretation of other experiences is the determining factor in how we feel other feelings. On the surface, they are just opinions and perspectives we have onto. It's important to go through each step fully before moving onto the next step.

To change our perspectives we need to challenge them in some other way. In other words, we need to think more rationally and objectively about our insecurities. And that can be done by asking ourselves, reflect on our successes and accomplishments.

Reflect our Successes

Have we think about all that we have done and successfully achieved over a lifetime. Consider the challenges we faced and how we overcame them. It reminds me that we are capable of working through difficulties in optimal ways. As long as we bring those same strengths, positive attributes, to adopt the right mindset If anything is possible reflecting our successes in this way we help put things in perspective.

Assess our Circumstances

With the higher level of self-confidence disposal, we are now ready to begin evaluating nature to our circumstances. It’s difficult to take any form of proactive action. What we subsequently need is a little certainty. When we feel insecure about something, we convince ourselves that things are going to be a certain way. Consider for a moment the worst-case scenario and how we might potentially handle things. Moreover, it’s about exploring the possibilities and the regrets we will face if we refrain from taking action. Subsequently, we reflect on the worst-case scenario, which forces us to retreat back into the safety of our comfort zone. Just like steem, we have a lot of circumstances faces which are personality and appearances to show who you are or what you are. It is considered also the best-case scenario and what that might meaning by aiming a new challenge. And finally, reflect on best what fact's that regrets that may result if we fail to overcome to our insecurities.

Engage in Positive Self-Talk

The words here are “without hesitation.” in #newsteem you can easily talk to the community to share what is your problem to promote the skills of talking.
This is where you can join the community server and learn good vibes from them. What I mean by this is to just do something small chat that helps you move forward and ask information about insecurity there are a lot of people help, advancing you to your insecurity. It’s rather about going just a little further than before. This ain’t about finishing the race, That’s all it takes to start building momentum. 🙂
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Make a Full Commitment

Making a commitment to others' curation content isn’t something we just do in our heads. It’s rather something to adopt into our own life. Only in this way we will acquire the mental strength and momentum needed to overcome our insecurities. Moreover, we must condition the new set of beliefs that align with those habits. For example if we see the good appearance of their curation and made a commitment to each other, that is the time you can make a full commitment to others. Practice Self-Acceptance Practicing our self-acceptance fully accepting our self despite our flaws, imperfections, and limitations to get more productive. Nobody is perfect, Instead of trying to hide those flaws, just accept how we embrace the person we have become. Here are the differences between what we changed and what must be accepted. There are more things we can change, and there will be other things that we must learn to accept and change for example attitude, kind, helping, positivity, motivation. Be grateful for who we are and for what we have become. Give a little serving of self-compassion every now and day and do the best way and what we have. 🙂
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Accept that Everything is Subjective

We all have our own personality views about how things are and how they provide his/her perspective and interpretation of the situation. It's curations, there is no right or wrong. It’s rather about the interpretations we make and ultimately how we respond that makes all the difference in the end. However, the mean process is to Identify and consider the best potential reflect of being objectives.

Stop Comparing our self to Others

Many of us here are comparing themselves to others especially when they are in the right way when they realize that we don’t quite measure up, that’s when our insecurities take over our place. One of the major obstacles we face that will prevent us from overcoming our insecurities is the fact that we constantly keep comparing our self to others. That can very quickly lead to insecurity phobia, insecurity is to commit ourselves to become a lifelong learner.

So let us start the new life #newsteem to protect the insecurity of others. Practice to accept others do

Thank you

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