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RE: A Visit from the Mantis Insect !!

in #insectpublast year

Well well well...looky there, it's a mini sir hangin. Some people say YOU are a mantis!


Yep my little offside mini spy he has a little mini cam camera installed in 😀

lol...that's darn funny but that would also be awesome!

I should work on that idea little Mantis Drones how awesome 👍

Yes, work on that, get a prototype designed, get a patent, start selling them and get filthy rich!

I actually think it would be a good seller i would be buying one image the videos you can get then place them on youtube you would make a 😊

Yes, that's a brilliant idea sir hangin! Think of the places you could go without being seen!

My exact thoughts...hehe 😊

Yeah, it would be like the proverbial "fly on the wall!"
I think you should get to work on that invention.