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For this week of insects and butterflies I found a wasp that cuts the petals off the flowers, I don't know why. I saw him cutting the petals off a beautiful flower that I don't bring here because it's the insect that matters.


This wasp is black, I was looking for references about it, I did some research and ended up confused. The first time I see a wasp that is interested in the petals of a flower. I even recorded the crime but lost it when I formatted the phone, forgot to pass it to the computer. I'm so sorry.


Anyway, this wasp seemed to be working alone. Black wasps are almost alone, so I guess my friend is in this group. I researched on the web but didn't understand much, only that black wasps are considered pest controllers since they eat other smaller insects, thus contradicting what I observed.


I am grateful to anyone who has knowledge of this wasp, please leave a comment.

Thank you @whatisnew for this contest that allows us to expand the knowledge about insects.


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Buena captura amiga

Posted using Partiko Android

Hola amiga, muchas gracias por el apoyo.

That wasp ate the flower? I didn't know they did that. Live and learn, as a good friend told me!

Excelente! Esas capturas quedaron geniales, el contraste de colores fue un complemento maravilloso. Felicitaciones, buen contenido, suerte comay.

They're working insects. And their community attitude is what surprises me the most.

Me alegra saberte por este micromundo amigo @yonnathang, gracias por tu comentario. Sí, son insectos muy trabajadores, aunque no todos son sociables, hay unos que son solitarios.

I have heard of a few species of wasps that do eat flowers but I have never seen it before. Wasps like to eat honeydew which is secreted by aphids so maybe there was some honeydew on these petals? Anyway, this was a great capture. : )

It may be, my friend, that there was something sweet in that flower. Thank you for your comment and congratulations on this initiative where we can learn from these animals.

What a nice comment. It makes me happy to know that you like to learn about insects. Thanks so much! Hugs!

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Saludos @dsc-r2cornell. Gracias