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RE: Don't Worry, By The Time The Next Pandemic Strikes We'll All Have Wearable Shields

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This shield is something else
Just like a rain coat.


Howdy ddn688! Well if it works like they think it can it would be amazing protection too, we may see them in a few years!

Am scared of this virus

It IS pretty creepy. Are you able to take in nutrients or supplements to keep your immune system strong? And are there any coronavirus cases there yet?

My immune system is as strong as possible.
Am from Nigeria and we currently have two cases of coronavirus

Howdy again ddn688! Well that is not bad yet, only 2 cases and for most people the effects are not serious but it is scary for the elderly. They've started shutting down all the schools, concerts, and almost all public events here.

I assume your government is talking of doing that also or have already?

They have done it at very busy places and concrete quarantine section for incoming passengers at the airports

Those are great first steps. I hope it can be slowed significantly before it gets bad there.

I hope so
We don't need another heavy problem here.
We already have Lassa fever which is still roaming about