In dormition, no more

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When @freedomtowrite issued a challenge to write about someone who shaped one of your #innerblocks, I knew the obvious answer for my journey. But instead of jumping at that, I mentally cycled through a number of other stories over the last three days. I am new to Steem and the answer was outside —to use that odious phrase— my “brand” of content creation. Our silos have become straight-jackets that constrict the richness of our personalities and dreams.

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But the fledgling #innerblocks is supposed to be about authenticity and the fact that each of us is a complex person with many facets. If I can’t express the full me on Steem, what chance do I have in a brain-washed world that is increasingly hostile to community of any kind?

Behold your mother

Happy Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, my spiritual mother whose intercession shaped my life like no other.
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Or as my Eastern Catholic and Orthodox brothers and sisters beautifully put it, the Dormition of the Theotokos.

You can go home again

We (nearly 2 billion people) celebrate the bodily assumption of Mary into Heaven where she was reunited with her son, our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ. It is a great time of feasting and thanksgiving in our community, though our family’s celebration is muted this year due to a stomach virus running through my brood. It is also a time to reflect on one’s journey and ask for intercession for the road ahead.

Rescue mission behind enemy lines

Years ago, I was going through a very difficult time. I was anxious all the time, overwhelmed by the responsibilities of a new parent, working 60 hours in a week in a very stressful job, and preoccupied with a floundering marriage. But I experienced a miracle that changed my life.

I was laying down on the floor of my dining room feeling so anxious the room was spinning. I can’t exactly say what happened next since it was an internal state but a woman spoke to me, saying “Trust in my Son.” And, by grace alone, I did and returned to the faith that saw me baptized as a one-month old infant, the Catholic Church.

Mothers, the stewards of life

I encourage everyone today to remember your mother. Remember all the love and sacrifice she bestowed on you even if it was imperfect and human. If you didn’t know your mother as many of us did not, remember a woman who shaped, guided and loved you. And, if you are so inclined, pray for the intercession of our spiritual mother.


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Thank you so much for participating! Anxiety can be so crippling, I'm glad you were able to find the light! I'm also not mad at the recognition for mothers haha. Great post!