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Beneath hidden prongs of the devil's word
stirred the darkness from deepest down.
No sun would ever rise to warm cold stone
and all cries would be swallowed unheard.

Edges or ledges a choice must be made
for a noose that'll fit the widest of necks.
The weight of a world too heavy to bear
yet the beam too thin the rope too frayed.

Needles and pins shiver down the spine
cracking and breaking bone in their path.
Up high there is beauty to view from afar
as gurgling is muffled in churning brine.

Ends come and leave with memories broke
to a smile returned from times long ago.
Missed the chance for what life has longed
too short the flame and only ashes to stoke.

Rise no more to the call of love or name
as an uneasy life easily fades into black.
One won't be missed for none were found
for the set of mind was in the wrong frame.

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Was the bottom lid supposed to look kind of like a knife or am I just seeing things that aren't there again?

This has the air of a poem I had to study for English Lit a hundred million years ago, and because it was a hundred million years ago I can't remember what it was or who it was by. So I'll go with maybe kids in the future will be studying this for English Lit if such a thing still exists then XP

Obviously not a very good knife... it went with the fork that made the eyelid shadow and lashes.

I am so literarily stunted, I have no idea :)