Inktober - Coat "27" (The Animal villian step by step drawing)

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Hi guys,☺️☺️
Happy Sunday. How's the weekend going??!! Hopefully as pleasant and calm as mine🤗.
I had so many ideas about today's Inktober topic "Coat" . I thought I'd make a villian coat any way. But I felt the need to be creative here because coats are almost generally the same and serve the same purpose. So with an inspiration from the movie 100 Dalmatians, I thought I made something special and catchy. So here's my drawing of a woman wearing a coat made from the skin and fur of some animals ( bear, dog, cat,rabbit, racoon, squirrel e.t.c) which is still dripping of blood from these animals. She looks pretty confident, undisturbed and uncaring as she holds a bag and puffs smoke from her cigarette. The materials used for this drawing are a black ballpoint pen, pastel and charcoal pencil.



I started from the face and walked all way down.





I used a soft red pastel for the blood effect.



I used the cross hatching shading technique for the background and black charcoal pencil to enhance the dripping blood.
Please note; I'm not in support of animals being killed for their fur . This is just a concept for today's challenge.

Thank you for taking your time to read through. Stay tuned for my Day 28 Inktober post tomorrow. Till then, stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day. Love you guys😘

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Fabulous as ever!

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Thank you dear.. hope you're having a great day?

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A brilliantly pointed commentary in your illustration. If I might make a suggestion: make the shoes and handbag of snakeskin, crocodile, alligator, etc. Even the gloves would probably be kid-gloves – i.e., made of baby goatskin.

Hmmm...nice thoughts, would sketch these details out in my next drawing. Really can't wait to see how it looks😄. Thanks for the tip dear

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