Drawing for Inktober 2019 Contest, Day 14 "OverGrown"

in inktober •  6 months ago 

Assalamu Alaikum to all,
It's my Ink Drawing for the contest #inktober, a worldwide Contest by "JAKE" and #OC rewards daily winner on steemit.
Today I draw "day 14 Overgrown" art.
I was very upset and didn't get anything then I search on youtube and get an Idea to draw garden with lots of greenery and flowers. But its INK drawing so I did it with only Black Ink (pointer).
As usual, I create a pencil sketch of the whole scene than Outlines it with Ink and shaded as per needed :D.
I have captured a clip while using pen

Lets check here are the steps to complete my Entry.
Hope you like it, and I get someplace on the contest :D HAHA good luck for all the participants here.
See you with Next drawing

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