Cartoon of The Steemit Legend Andrarchy🌟 / Inktober 2019🖋 Day 15 Theme: Legend

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Hello Inkpeeps!✒ lol

Today is Day 15 on Inktober 2019 global art challenge and the theme is Legend☄

So I made a cartoon of The Steemit Legend: Andrew Levine @andrarchy he's a really passionated and hardworking man for our Blockchain, as Head of Communications and Advocacy for Steemit his mission is to communicate to the world what our community is doing to accelerate the adoption of decentralized social media technologies through the release of open source software, and he's doing the job very well so that's why I framed this brilliant boy!🎨😁🖼


Take a look at the drawings👀 I first used pencils then ink!🖋

Inktober lets you make a pencil sketch first to minimize errors 😉



🌟 The Steemit Legend Andrarchy 🌟 Thanks for all you do for this community growth 🙏📈

This is my entry for @ocd & @creativecoin Contest based on Inktober 2019✒ You can also participate in this daily Event🙌 and improve your drawing skills, here is the post with the rules:


☆JeninaCrypto☆ is taking art commissions☄ Contact to

Telegram: jeninacrypto






Thanks for your support! 💞

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Hah, you know, the only time I ever get to see images of the people in the crytpo-world is through your pictures. You must have a great collection by now!

Aahah😀 that's great!🙏 Yep I have a lot of Cryptodrawings now lol😉

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Awesome work!! 👍🏼👍🏼

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Thanks my friend!!🙏☄

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